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Welcome to the 4am Creative Advertising Bureau, or 4am CAB as it's known in the industry. Ian is the incapable boss, Brett the ego-manic and Fleur the free-spirit are the creative talents, new intern Martin is just hoping he can get a paid position and all the while Cheryl the receptionist holds them all together. 4am CAB is the critically acclaimed comedy sitcom and sketch show, with a slick edge, returning for its third series. "Splendidly produced and mixed sounds of somewhere at 4am, topped off with some cracking joke-writing. Reminiscent of Chris Morris’s Blue Jam." "Highly recommended" "Dark, surreal, strange but most importantly funny" "I love this brilliantly produced podcast, it's like Monkey Dust for the iPhone generation." "Brilliant performances and superbly produced. Listen and you’ll be hooked for sure." "Very funny well worth listening to" "Think they are on to something good" "It's surely only a matter of time before this hits the radio waves" "4am CAB should come with a social warning - listening will cause involuntary sniggering... surreal, bonkers and perhaps a little bit insane" "Absolutely outstanding, constantly delivers with professional quality time and time again" "Has a slightly dream-like feel to it."
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