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Friday, April 28 at 7am

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Petr Dvorak, known as Electribe, has recently become a Czech icon in the electronic scene in his country due to his vilupcious and rich dedication to both production and DJing.

Starting as a child music was a part of his life. Since he was very young, Petr started to take some music lessons. His parents bought him piano when he was 7 years old. In the following 8 years he improved very quickly with the basics for playing on a piano as an instrument.

Petr has always showed an interest for electronic dance music, especially for melodic, euphoric and uplifting trance. In his teens he became involved in the club scene, fell in love with trance music and began DJing in small local clubs. His mixes are well known for its rare and sophisticated tracks. Energetic uplifting & progressive trance, often with vocals - this is music you can expect in Petr's mixes. His unique mixing precision and sensual style in trance and progressive music, combined with a live performance on keyboard or with a singer, earned him soon the title of the best trance/progressive DJ in the Czech Republic.
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