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Cheap Astronomy is about exploring the universe. Maybe just with your eyes or maybe with binoculars or maybe even with an out-of-the-box department store telescope. Everything on the site is aimed at people who want to do real astronomy for under $300—and that includes $0.

Cheap Astronomers aren’t gear freaks. They like being able to park their car in the garage and they don’t like spending all night in a lonely field waiting to photograph some lunar occultation event.

Here at Cheap Astronomy, the goal is find interesting stuff to look at while you are walking the dog, maybe spot a red supergiant as you take out the garbage or admire the rings of Saturn through a bargain basement telescope. We’ve all got better things to do than fiddle about with CCDs and collimation techniques.

Cheap Astronomy is based in Canberra, Australia so most of the material here relates to what you can see in the southern sky. High level negotiations are under way to establish a world wide Cheap Astronomy Network—if it’s not too expensive or too much effort.
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