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City 1016 is UAE's No.1 Bollywood Radio Station. City 1016 prides on being the station with the largest number of listeners in the UAE. With its wild and wacky brand of entertainment,City 1016 connects with the young at heart and looks at the lighter side of life. The station's target audience are Asians within the age group of 15- 35. City 1016 is Aspirational to the 15 year old, speaks the language of the 25 year old while the 35 year old finds the station Intelligent and relevant in its content. City 1016 is very proud of it’s Desi roots.The presenters are a Vibrant bunch of Trendsetters that welcome listeners to their new home, Dubai. Raising the bar with its energetic Bollywood music City 1016 is buzzing with youthful verve. This station throws the biggest on-air parties with ginormous give aways for its listeners. The audience of this station is the well travelled desi with big ambitions. They love shopping for the latest designer brands, are fascinated with Bollywood and Cricket, are tech savvy and love knowing what’s current and what’s hot.

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