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I am an alcoholic, an addict. I am a man, a step-dad, a brother, an uncle, a friend, and a widower. I am a human being with a heart, and a soul.

I got sober on September 21, 2013, about four years and two months after my wife, who was also an alcoholic and a prescription drug addict, passed away while I lay right next to her.

I have had many changes in my life since those days. Some were terribly tough, some were mildly tough, and some — some were just changes I needed to decide on. I've made a lot of changes.

And I plan on many more.

Drunkless is a collective of sober people living in recovery. Together, we want to help give a voice to those who have a hard time speaking out -- to share their experience, strength, and most importantly, HOPE.

Feel free to join us as we learn to live a Life of Choice; as we learn to live — #Drunkless.

#Drunkless24 for a #DrunklessLife

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