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The intention of this show is for you to listen to anonymous people that feel free to talk without any filters, boundaries or restrictions. I strive to record, edit and create the most unique and creative content that I can. This show stands out because it goes into new territory every time you hear it. The general idea is established with complete anonymity, thus revealing uncensored and honest speech by its contributors. There is a different theme and/or concept behind each episode. Random people share many different stories, feelings, issues, anecdotes and points of view. The subject matter will cover a range of emotions and opinions, but I do try to showcase some humor in every episode. If you are easily offended by "bad" language, brutal honesty or politically incorrect ideology, this show is probably not for you. I am indeed guilty of choosing the subject matter, but definitely don't condone anyone's speech in the show; I just let the strangers be heard.
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