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Episode 46: The Fall of the Jedi & Listener Feedback


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Betting, Calling, Shifting, and Drawing … An Idiot’s Array was known to trump any hand in a game of Sabacc, even a Pure Sabacc, and this is what we, at The Cantina Cast … hope to deal out to YOU. We’re laying out a fresh deck of cards, with a strategy to ‘Bridge’ the GFFA for generations to come!

We’re upping our ante and of course, our three hosts will lay out the House Rules …

Alan Zaugg @Jedizaugg

Mark Sutter @MarkESutter

Ryder Waldron @RyderWaldronDDS

Like anything else, there are several variants and styles of sabacc play, in which we hope to explore in this new endeavor. One theme, in particular, is a nice match for bridging the saga through generational gaps and that is: Fortune Telling.

Always in motion, the future is …

So please, check us out and follow Idiot’s Array on Twitter @IdiotsArrayPod and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/IdiotsArrayPodcast

And remember, NO CHEATING! You may end up with the Death Sentence on twelve systems.
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