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Saturday, April 29 at 6am

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The Irish Spectrum is our Irish Radio Show Presented by Gerry Byrne. On air since 1992, The Irish Spectrum has become an integral part of the Irish Community in London and the South East and has many listeners throughout Ireland and the Irish Community Worldwide. The Irish Spectrum is a great mix of Irish Music, community news, Irish Sport and entertainment information.

Playing an extensive selection of Country Music and a great mix of traditional and contemporary Irish music, Irish Sport updates, Irish community news and entertainment information, The Irish Spectrum not only gets its largest listenership from people who have emigrated to all corners of the Globe but is also enjoyed by 2nd, 3rd and even 4th generation of Irish people throughout the UK. Irish Spectrum Radio is the only Irish Radio Show broadcasting to London and the Home Counties with a reach that extends as far as Brighton and Birmingham on 558AM and to the wider world across the Internet. Listened to by American Irish, British Irish and even Australian Irish, the weekend programmes attract regular audiences in excess of 300,000 listeners throughout the Irish Community in the UK and abroad. The programmes consist of a unique blend of Irish music requests, dedications, great competitions and prize giveaways.
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