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JD Careers Out There (JDCOT.com) is all about helping lawyers, law students and those considering law school to find fulfilling careers in & out of law. Our web show/podcast explores the many careers for lawyers through day-in-the-life interviews with accomplished law grads. Host Marc Luber, a non-practicing lawyer with years of legal recruiting experience, talks to many types of lawyers (like a criminal defense lawyer, intellectual property lawyer, etc.) as well as those working in alternative careers for lawyers (like a sports agent, a non-profit president and more) to learn about each path and how to break in. Whether you want to practice law or you're leaving law and wondering what to do with your life, subscribe to this podcast and visit JDCOT for access to full-length video interviews plus more. JDCOT is the site our guests wish they had when they were in law school and young professionals. Enjoy!
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