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To connect Laguna Beach and worldwide listeners with an open-door policy
that allows the exposure of “Generational Alt Rock” musicians, non-profits,
and community causes.

Locally focused FM radio is vital to a community.
Value Statements

- We believe our audience can be connected through a local radio station
that immerses itself into the arts, culture, events, and music of a
- We believe talented, under-recognized musicians deserve exposure, and
we strive to be a resource for them.
- We believe that our audience is witty, intelligent, and sophisticated
in their musical taste. We aim to entertain at a level that exceeds that of
commercial radio.
- Responsiveness, availability, and communication are a priority for our
staff and volunteers
- We are dedicated to developing the talents of on-air hosts, student
interns, and special needs volunteers.
- We strive to bring people together through real-time, live announcing
about local news, weather, traffic, and emergency preparedness.
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