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Krypton Radio is both an online news and media service and an internet radio station, with its finger on the pulse of fandom. We broadcast sci-fi, comic book and adventure music and news around the clock, keep our finger on the pulse of fandom and serve it up on a daily basis, for fans just like you!

Krypton radio has been in continuous operation since April 2009.

Krypton Radio plays music selected from television shows, motion picture soundtracks and from fan sources and independent fan music producers – you may be surprised at the eclectic mix of genres, and will often hear music that takes you back to your childhood memories of your favorite comic book characters or shows. A lot of our pop and rock comes from TV shows like Smallville, and other modern productions that let us give you soundtrack music and still have a fresh, cutting edge sound. A surprising amount comes from Creative Commons License sources and the fans themselves.

Krypton Radio is the only internet radio station in the world (as far as we know) that draws exclusively from these sources for its material, and we will continue to bring you the best in geek entertainment.

We’re family-compatible, too – no crass DJ’s, no foul or explicit language. (Yes, you can let your pre-teens listen to it without concern.)
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