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La Raza 1400 and 1470 is a dual am radio station founded in December of 2005 by Maya Santamaria and Midwest Latino Entertainment and Talent, Inc. as La Invasora and re-launched in June 2013 by Santamaria Broadcasting as La Raza for Davidson Media Group, one of the largest Spanish Language Broadcasting conglomerates in the country. La Raza, or The Race, as translated loosely, are Spanish-Language stations based out of the Twin Cities whose mission is to empower and unite the Latino community through its community-oriented music, entertainment, and informative programming. With the best signal in the Latino market, La Raza plays all of the top hits in regional Mexican as well as tropical Latino music and alternative genres, including children’s music, filling all needs of the entire Hispanic community.

Encompassing 30 miles in diameter around the Twin Cities and most populated Latino suburbs in Minnesota and into the Northern areas reaching past St. Cloud, La Raza reaches over 150,000 members of the Minnesota Hispanic community 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our mission is to entertain our community with the best music variety and radio programming, and to serve and support the growth of our community with reliable information. We are the radio outlet of choice for companies interested in reaching Minnesota’s Latino Community.

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