Luisse Shaw

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Sunday, April 20 at 11am
BFBS Radio Northern Ireland

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Luisse did quite well at school and was often top of the class. It all went wrong when she fell into radio at the age of fifteen and was subsequently lured into the world of broadcasting.

This somehow led to a career that has taken Luisse all over the world, from hostile environments to sunshine hotspots; from Sheffield to Shaibah; Whitstable to Nord Rhein Westphalia. Luisse has never won a Sony (nor any other highly esteemed award) for her efforts, but she can pay her own bills and afford for her (and her cats) to eat.

She loves animals, Harry Potter, murder mysteries, white wine and of course the British Forces. She loves soldiers so much she even chose to marry one. Thank goodness she didn't go into academia and become rich and boring!

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