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Media Carnivores are Erik Hanberg and Brent Hartinger, two media entrepreneurs who consume and digest all manner of media and media-related news (with a special emphasis on television, movies, and books). We also give an ongoing account of our own efforts as professional creators of entertainment media. Books, movies, television, or video games, it's all fair game to a media carnivore. THE HOSTS BRENT HARTINGER is the award-winning, best-selling author of many novels, eight of them traditionally published (by major publishers like HarperCollins), and four of them self-published. One of his novels, Geography Club, has been adapted into a feature film co-starring Scott Bakula, and he currently has two other movie projects in very active development. He's also the co-founder of the website AfterElton.com, which was sold to Viacom/MTV in 2006 in a multi-million dollar deal. Visit or contact Brent at brenthartinger.com ERIK HANBERG is the author of four novels (three mysteries and a science fiction adventure) and two nonprofit guidebooks. In addition to his writing, he runs a boutique marketing company with his wife and is an elected official in Tacoma, Washington. He blogs regularly at erikhanberg.com
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