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What is a Mobius Strip? Well, if you take a piece of paper, a strip of paper, and twist one end, then connect them, what you get is a loop, that has a turn in it. If you put an ant on this loop, then it can walk around it forever and ever. A twist in the one side you no longer have any boundaries or edges. Therefore, if you draw a line down it, you’ll see that there is only one side. And yet, at the same time, it goes on and on forever.

As a show, Mobius Strip is themed weekly and delivered in two parts. Sometimes it asks a big question. Sometimes it just takes you there: to someone, to someplace, to something. Regardless, its subject matter seeks to be nuanced, layered, and complex. It uses news articles, literature, poetry, film clips, story-telling and various other auditory elements. And music is its fuel.

Lily is a landscape designer and writer living in Santa Monica, California with a small white dog named Rocco.

Mobius Strip airs live on Party 934 every Wednesday and Thursday from 4-5 pm EST

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