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Welcome to NWCZradio.com! We are not what you are hearing on “the air”. It is our goal to bring you the best in northwest independent music whether it be rock, punk, hip/hop, techno, blues, jazz, etc. All the music you hear on our station is by independent artists who deserve to be heard. You can go out and see them on any given weekend around this great northwest and now you can hear them here as well. We define the northwest as including British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and surrounding areas. If you are an independent artist and would like to be heard please contact us at nwczradio@gmail.com and we’ll let you know how to get your music to us so we can get it to the people! Listen in, tell your friends and let’s all join the independent radio revolution!

You can get your music in the NWCZ radio stream by emailing mp3's with meta data to nwczradio@gmail.com. To add meta data, open the file in iTunes, right click on it and press "get info." Press the "info" tab that is along the top, then fill in as much as possible. Thanks!

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