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You've survived another day at work! It's time now to de-stress on your way home, with Valda and Dipp.

This madcap duo has fun-filled contests, great music, up-to-date information on traffic as well as places to go and things to do later in the evening.

Dipp's geeky side comes to the front as he battles the diva that is ever present in Valda. While he talks about the latest score in the match, she's busy filing her nails and figuring out what's on trend in the fashion world. As stark opposite as they may seem to the naked eye, up close and personal they are just like you and me.

The boy next door (who's actually never home) and the girl next door (who is probably at a yoga class). They're right here with you though, on your speakers. Every weekday, 3pm-8pm on Josh 97.8.
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