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466-The USA's Long-Term Fiscal Gap and Why It Matters to You (America’s Fiscal Insolvency and Its Generational Consequences by Professor Laurence Kotlikoff)


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Joshua Sheats from Radical Personal Finance reveals all of his best ideas for personal financial planning, saving money, and achieving financial independence. Discover how you can lower your tax bill, cut your expenses without sacrificing your lifestyle, and significantly increase your time and freedom to live the life you love through a greater knowledge and understanding of all aspects of personal finance and money management. Join us as we study the outliers of society. We’ll investigate all types of financial strategies--from the habits and strategies of a homeless person living in their car to the complex and advanced financial techniques used by deca-millionaires and billionaires. Saving, investing, insurance, tax planning, estate planning, goal setting, lifestyle design, passive income--they all work together to help you better understand how to build wealth and long-term financial security and financial independence. From the basic, foundational ideas and knowledge to the advanced and highly technical, we’re going to be radical in learning how to win with money.
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