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We are an Internet Radio Station.
Pioneers in such stations in Costa Rica since 2006. We are dedicated to sports news of Costa Rica and the world.

Directed by Juan Robles Arce director with over 35 years experience in sports journalism in Costa Rica.

We are a company that presents music + sports + news + national and international entertainment.

Music: old doing a retrospective of the great successes that remind and move listeners to memorable moments.

Sports: Detailed information essential events occurs, is kept updated the audience about the major events of national and international sport.

News: General on the wide world of sports.

Entertainment: they analyze, discuss and present issues related to national and international sport through the program "ONDATICA SPORTS" with Juan Robles and his group of commentators and analysts, also various issues of a specific sport or sports figure presented .

Radio Onda Tica, a National Company informative
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