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Retrospect '60s Garage Punk Show episode 269 [podcast on 19-06-2017]


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RetroSpect draws on a large collection of ‘60s music - Beatles, Kinks, Stones, Who for sure, but also the underground sounds - Velvet Underground, MC5, 13th Floor Elevators, Moby Grape, and a huge range of Garage Rock and Psych bands - The Count 5, The Electric Prunes, Chocolate Watchband, The Leaves, The Seeds, Love, The Standells.

Then we get into the really obscure stuff - Dirty Wurds, Pink Finks, Cato Salsa Experience, Dr Specs Optical Illusion, The Kare Takers, The More-Tishans, the really interesting Japanese “Group Sounds” scene of the mid-60s, Banzai Freakbeat, Mexican Psych, African garage bands, and of course superb tracks from right here in Godzone - The Action, The Pleazers, Bluestars, The Music Convention, and so much more !
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