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Since October of 2009, Rope-A-Dope Radio remains a two-hour Live broadcast every Wednesday night, followed by a one-hour archive. It runs a round-table format, and which some of the faces have changed, its continued to move strong. It's 100% Boxing Coverage, nothing else. It a show which previews, predicts, debates and recaps fights! With a world-wide growing fanbase, Rope-A-Dope Radio appreciates all who tune in every week, live and archive.

On November 2009, for Dawson-Johnson, Rope-A-Dope Radio were the first to introduce a specialized Post-Fight Coverage podcast, which could be available to all fight fans from all over the world, immediately following the fight. Post fight shows dont generally run the same round-table format as the Wednesday show, rather we take direct calls from callers that give that raw, honest, adrenaline rushing and sometimes drunk reaction. Post-fight coverage shows have remained very popular among fight-fans since.

On January 2011, Rope-A-Dope Radio began to air Fantasy Boxing Conference calls. A podcast which covers the Fantasy Boxing league that we run. We're looking forward to growing Fantasy Boxing, which we believe gives fight fans more reason to watch more fights and learn about fighters they wouldnt know other wise!

Rope-A-Dope Radio may run a special broadcast (not post-fight or fantasy boxing) on different days other than Wednesdays, from time-to-time to help get an interview for the fans or to cover the Boxing Hall of Fame. Sometimes we'll host preview shows on Saturdays rather than post fight.
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