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Strange Fairy Tales 22: "La Llorona Cabra"


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Have you ever wanted to know about taxidermists making guinea pig salt and pepper shakers (with the help of their fairy godmothers)? Stinky young women attending a soccer ball (with the help of their fairy godmothers)? Not-so-smart people discovering the true meaning of their silly name (with the help of their fairy godmothers)? If you're thinking: "Hey, it's like that guy can see inside my brain!" this is the podcast for you. Subtle and not so subtle humor, strange sound effects, weird plot lines, and fairy godmothers, this is THE MOST AWESOME PODCAST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!! MUA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAA!! Ok, anyway, I'm serious. This is an awesome podcast.................. so listen to it! Please note, this is what I like to call a "storycast". It goes in chronological order. Please listen to either episode 1 or episode 7 first.
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