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Welcome to The Boomtank Business Show podcast, for sharp female entrepreneurs and cool guys who support them, with your show host, Carolyn Cole! A show about more freedom, more income, less worries and lots of cutting-edge information to grow you and your business now. From branding to social media, marketing to the latest technologies – I host the experts! What’s important is YOU. That means also interviewing experts who focus on self-esteem/self-confidence, self-image, self-improvement, personal fulfillment, personal success, identifying true desires and achieving them, motivation, healthy living, fun living and those other big self pieces you need to build your life and business. You’ll hear from healers, life coaches, meditation coaches, spiritual coaches, mindset coaches, success coaches and money coaches, from the soulful side – and from those with incredible personal success stories. Tune into our free webinars, Facebook Livestream workshops and book reviews too! www.boomtank.com
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