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The Real John Lane? PARS382 - the Pennsylvania Rock Show - the best unsigned rock that PA has to offer


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The Pennsylvania Rock Show is a podcast that features an unsigned rock band interview usually from Pennsylvania. The interview is part of our online radio show of the same name that is full of songs from the best unsigned bands Pennsylvania has to offer. The show is then rebroadcast on some of the biggest internet radio stations out there, as well as, a FM Station in St. Louis.The show is hosted by Bill Domiano of www.akmusicscene.com and runs commercial free. It includes a segment called “Get Outta Town” (Sponsored by Total Music & Entertainment), that plays 3 songs from bands outside of PA, which has proved the shows popularity, as bands from all over the world are submitting material and coming to town to be interviewed. Our Concert Calendar segment (sponsored by F.U. Entertainment) provides upcoming concert information for our local bands. The Pennsylvania Rock Show creates an avenue for world wide exposure for which otherwise bands would not have any outlets other than a local bar or party.
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