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The Reconnected human show is all about exploring the depths of human potential.
This is the radio show that will blast you out into the cosmos but will pull you
back down to earth and reconnect you to your roots. We do not hold anything back
with the guests on this show. We honor their time and take full advantage of the
opportunity to learn from these great people. We will be discussing the passion
that drives them, and how they reconnect their own unique art to the world. This
show is specifically formatted to help us learn, grow, and explore new ideas. We
are connecting with the experts in all different fields to see how they
reconnect themselves back to nature, and how they're reconnecting with others.
We will learn from our guests and use the information that we get to help us
reach new heights with our health and in our own lives, in order to help others.
This is a highly valuable resource in that it allows us to talk to people all
over the world whom are kicking ass and getting ideas out into space for others
to grab on to.
Listen and enjoy the fun and easy conversation with some of today's best humans.
Feel free to open your mind in order to learn, grow, and explore with us.

We will be deconstructing perhaps complex ideas and making them into life hacks
that you can apply right away. Use the show notes below each episode and keep
your ears ready for fun shit to help you reconnect yourself. The sharing of
ideas can provide a stable platform for you to blast out into the universe. This
will be a huge source of learning for us, so keep an eye out for more
information to be explored in the blog, newsletter, and videos.

Now strap in and get ready to blast out of your reality and into the one of a
Reconnected Human.
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