The Retro Attic - 60's And 70's Lost And Classic Oldies

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    The Retro Attic - 60's And 70's Lost And Classic Oldies

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DJ Gilbert Matthews welcomes you to The Retro Attic, a 24/7 internet radio station that primarily plays those classic and seldom heard top 40 entries from the 60's and 70's, along with a sprinkling of late 50's and early 80's hits that also fit the format. Hopefully our wide variety of oldies will be mind-blowing musical history lessons for you! A couple of "Bottom 45's" from each decade will be included every hour; these are defined as minor charters(peaked between 41 and 100), Bubbling Under/Looking Ahead entries(peaked between 101 and 150), non-charters, or tunes that were only hits in Canada, the UK, or Australia. A track from our "Featured Artist Of The Month" will also be heard every hour. Sit back, have fun, and take yourself back to simpler times(when people smiled at each other and didn't question why, kids played outside all day, and parents never worried)! You can also find us on Shoutcast, Virtual Radio, Nobex Radio, Delicast, Streamfinder, Tunein.com(highly recommended for those of you who use mobile apps), and ITunes Radio in their "Golden Oldies" category. Feel free to chat with me, DJ Gilbert Matthews, through our live chat feature(please leave a message if it shows that I'm unavailable). Happy LISTENING! Spread the word about us and join other fellow oldies lovers in our two Facebook groups(search for The Retro Attic and The American Bottom 45, my Mixcloud...
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