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Wine, Film, Fashion, Cool Music, Celeb Guests. Phillip Silverstone grew up in Abbey Road, St. Johns Wood, London and has lived in the Philadelphia area since the world was young. Phillip’s wine features were heard daily on classical radio in Philly for 20 years, and he was twice EMMY nominated for his PBS series One On Wine. He has a syndicated weekly wine column in Montgomery Media newspapers.

Phillip produces and hosts Time Out With Phillip Silverstone and a new edition is available every Saturday. Phillip’s Special Guests are TV and movie actors, film and theatre directors, authors and music legends and anybody who fascinates him! Each week Phill co-hosts The Brilliant Wine Sketch pouring eclectic, under-hyped wines with restaurateur and archeologist Jill Weber (now there’s a combination!) and Juliet Goodfriend and Phill co-host Projections every week, taking a look behind and in front of the movie screen. Our punk fashion diva Anne Cecil brings us Fashion Matters while Craig Snyder deconstructs political issues of the day and makes them palatable in World Views. Phillip’s taste in music is best categorized as eclectic and totally unpredictable so each week he plays tracks to dazzle and amaze his audience.. And for the worldwide fans of Sir Cliff Richard’s 6 decades of music, our final feature each week is called CLIFF NOTES, presenting lesser-known selections by the British rock and roll icon.

Throughout the show, Phillip Silverstone’s dry (arid) British humour is evident. It’s quirky, self deprecating and suited to his rapscallian nature. Phillip is charming, witty, semi-intellectual, incredibly bright, and, since he wrote this profile, clearly modest! Enjoy The Shows!
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