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UT 015: How to Take Your Networking Skills To The Next Level…and Grow Your Business


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Up Together with Cortney Sargent, Sr. is an inspirational, people-building radio show dedicated to helping others succeed in business and life. This radio show features a unique mix between topics of business, graphic & web design, and personal development. Cortney uses his experience as a 3-time award-winning graphic designer to educate you on creating and implementing better design in your business. And, using his years of experience as a published author, network radio host, and public speaker, he will empower you with personal development principles that will help you be successful in business and life. Not only will you hear from Cortney, but also from other successful entrepreneurs who has a passion to improve the quality of lives of others. Cortney Sargent, Sr., “The People’s Entrepreneur”, invites you to make it better by going up together. Prepare to be motivated, encouraged, and inspired as we all go UP TOGETHER!
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