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Tuesday, January 17

4:00 AM VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness

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Generation Regeneration provides information about achieving sustained physical, mental and spiritual health. Our focus is on integrating the best of modern medicine and holistic healing techniques to cure the root causes of disease and regenerate our whole selves. Unfortunately, this integrative approach is not widely practiced in conventional medical circles, where the focus is on treating physical symptoms only with pharmaceuticals and surgeries. Because of the inability of conventional medicine to treat our whole being and cure root causes of disease, we are facing an epidemic of obesity and chronic disease. However there is a way to break away from disease management and pursue true health by making better daily decisions about food, lifestyle, stress management, and spiritual reconnection. We provide the roadmap to true health care by featuring true healers, such as Functional M.D.’s, integrative health coaches, Shamanic healers, yoga adepts, and nutritionists.
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