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A cheeky chat about sex - 2 gay men talk about their uncanny sexual experiences around the world.

A cheeky chat about sex - 2 gay men talk about their uncanny sexual experiences around the world.
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A cheeky chat about sex - 2 gay men talk about their uncanny sexual experiences around the world.




Episode 5 - Otter and wombat talk about gay men specifically sexually attracted to one type of guy only

We talk about how men who only have sex with one type of person be that asian, brown, middle eastern, latino etc. While recognizing that the majority like all types of men. The gay community accepts all types of people. If you want to get it touch or be on the podcast contact us at http://toys4sex.com.au Or on instagram at @toys4sexau Send us a message and we will be in touch.


Episode 4 - A Gay podcast where Otter and Wombat talk about fake Grindr profiles and gay sauna etiquette and experiences

Otter and wombat have a cheeky chat about fake profiles, people lying about their age and using other peoples pictures as there own. We talk about gay sauna experiences in different countries what to expect and what to try and look out for. If you liked this podcast please leave us a rating and review and support us by buying adult sex toy products at http://toys4sex.com.au which ships internationally.


Episode 3 - Chatting about anal butter toast, pup and master, sounding and manscaping.

Otter brings up the topic of movies he saw from a Dan savage feature movie, some are a bit extreme such as anal butter on toast and others a bit more relaxed. We talk about pup and master and what i have seen in the back of a pub, never knew if it was just for fun or a fetish. Reach us at: http://toys4sex.com.au


Episode 2 - Wombat talks about nude beaches, police raids and straight couples

This time otter asks the questions and Wombat talks about his experience with nude beaches. He has seen gay under cover cops, straight couples scaring the gay men and group sex sessions. This episode will give you an insight into what some nude beaches can be like and how to handle yourself when you finally decide to go to one.


A cheeky chat about sex - Episode 1

Otter and wombat are at it again, the conversation is about otters experience in palm springs going to a gay mens resort and finding someone who is right into penis pumps in a public space. Wombat is always firing off the questions as usual and is hesitant to give his opinion from a personal experience. Even as otter probes, his efforts do not pay off. These two play cat and mouse but give you an interesting insight into a world you may not be aware of.