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Episode 109

Hey Family, its been over a month since we've done an episode because warmer weather brings about outdoor events on weekends. But we are here in part. Laurie is out and we have Sean's cousin Brandon in her seat. Looking to subscribe so you will get notified everytime a new show is posted? Search Google for The Sean Jackson Show. We are on all of the major podcast platforms! On the show: -Shasha Obama goes to prom -Mother jailed for protecting her daughter from a fight -Robert F...


Episode 108

We are taking a 2 week break, but have some episodes we have not uploaded yet so, late submission. This is the April 20th episode of The Sean Jackson Show. Enjoy!


Episode 107

Hello Family! If you think you missed 2 episodes, you didn't. The production team didn't make those episodes air worthy, so you are not losing your mind. Keep this in the back of your head though, it may be a trivia question at some point and you may win a prize! Its the SJS Show and boy do we have a lot to talk about with you today: In no particular order... -MOTHER ARRESTED AFTER KIDS LEFT ALONE FOR FOUR DAYS -MARIJUANA MAY IMPROVE WOMEN'S ENJOYMENT OF SEX -ANOTHER DATING TREND:...


Raquel's Candles

India Morris, Proprietor of Raquel's Candles called into The Sean Jackson Show to talk about her marvelously scented candles. Her hand poured candles are made in small batches to produce the finest quality candles. They use only the highest quality Soy and Soy/Coconut blend waxes. These waxes are all natural sustainable resources with many benefits over store bought paraffin wax candles. Soy wax is cleaner burning - no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants which means it's less likely to...


Episode 104

Hey Family! Did you know you could listen to the show on your home smart speakers? Say, "Hey Google" or "Alexa", "Play The Sean Jackson Show" and the last show posted will begin playing! Check it out today! On this episode we speak with India Morris, the proprietor of Raquel's Candles at who sent many samples of great smelling soy based candles to the show. DJ Wyldchyld is back in the building to do the minimix. The Inspirational Song of the week. Ask Laurie....


Episode 103

Hey Family! Did you know you are supposed to dilute Awesome, the cleaning solution? Laurie's significant other joins us for the show this week. We are trying out the new Crown Royal Peach. The inspirational song of the week. Ask Laurie. Brandon's Fashion and Style. Back in the day. Giraffe Watch 2019. Church Announcements and great music. Hot Topics:


Episode 102

Hey family. Its the Sean Jackson Show! Glenn has a new car! Gospel singer Darryl Davis is in town.. again. and we play Jeopardy. Sean & Brandon are preparing to go get our fingerprints done to become foster parents. Celebrity Birthdays. Inspirational Song of the Week. Ask Laurie. Back in the day. Giraffe Watch 2019 and some good music! In hot topics:


Episode 101

Hello all, We are back after a season break. This is actually our second episode after our break but we had several issues with last weeks recording so this is the official 1st episode of the 2019. We are live on YouTube. Subscribe now. Search YouTube for "The Sean Jackson Show" Did you know we post entertainment news all day on our twitter feed? Follow us at @thesjsshow. Also on the show: Share with your friends and visit our website


The 100th Episode!

We apologize for the delay in getting this out to you. Sean has been out on Medical.. but here it is. The 100th episode. It took some time to edit this show. We were literally having a party in the studio and while party is good for live viewing, its not so much for audio. So here is the trimmed down version (an hour less than the live video). If you'd like to watch the episode, go to our facebook page On the show we had guests who either watched or...


Episode 99

1 away from 100. We are going to have guests in the studio who typically listen or watch on FB Live but have never been a guest. Be sure to tune in to FB Live on Friday 10/5 for the show. Did you know you can listen to The Sean Jackson Show on your Alexa and Google Home devices? Just say "Alexa (or) Hey Google, play the Sean Jackson Show Podcast" and the latest edition of the show will start playing from the beginning or from where you left off! Take us with you anywhere. On the show:...


Episode 98

Hey family, did you know you can listen to The Sean Jackson Show on your Alexa and Google Home devices? Just say "Alexa (or) Hey Google, play the Sean Jackson Show Podcast" and the latest edition of the show will start playing from the beginning or from where you left off! Take us with you anywhere. On the show, Glenn is in Boston so we have Santez and Micheal in the studio. Michael tells us about his beaded jewelry line "M.I.C". -CPS teachers have been advised to call students by...


Episode 96

4 away from 100 episodes. The crew is talking about something special for 100. Stay tuned! Hey family, its The SJS Show. Devora is sitting in for Glenn while he promotes the show overseas in the Dominican Republic. On the show: Eddie Murphy expecting his 10th child; Black woman sentenced to 10 months in jail for voting; Meek Mill donating backpacks to students; Women arrested after video of children smoking weed surfaces.. and more! The Inspirational Song of the Week, Ask Laurie,...


Episode 95

We are 5 away from 100 full episodes of The Sean Jackson Show! Did you know you can listen to the latest show on Alexa and Google Home devices? Just say "Hey google/Alexa - Play the Sean Jackson Show Podcast" On the show.. We try the Garlic Bread Lasagna recipe courtesy of Twisted on "Is it as good as it looks." Also, Should calling the 911 on black people for silly reasons be considered a hate crime? And, Aretha Franklin has no will; Simone Biles makes history; Oprah Introduces...


Episode 94

Welcome to another edition of The SJS Show. We're on Facebook Live. RIP Aretha Franklin! This is not a tribute show but we will play a couple favs from the Queen. Also on the show: The seasons are changing so its time to declutter your house. We have a list of things you need to throw away! We are doing Caprese Stuffed Chicken Breasts on today's "Is it as good as it looks." We talk about reasons coffee is good for you! The Inspirational song of the week, Ask Laurie, DJ WyldChyld, Celebrity...


Episode 93

Hey yall. On this episode, we are doing "Is It As Good As It Looks" where we find a recipe video on the internet and make the dish to the recipe. On this show, we did Jack Daniels Bacon Mac & Cheese. While we made the recipe (with the right ingredients) some of the ingredients didn't go in at the right time... namely the Jack Daniels. Which resulted in a drunken Jack Daniels Bacon Mac & Cheese! We don't think the creator intended it to be that way.. so as the show goes on, we get hotter...


Episode 92

Hey yall! Wow, its been almost 3 months. Finally, all of our schedules worked out that we may be able to do a show so... here it is! It was great to have the crew in the studio again. We may be able to do a couple more before our work schedules change again so stay tuned to our facebook page: or our website: We're on Facebook Live. It's National Grab Your Nuts day! Dionne Warrick responds to allegations her sister molested Whitney...


Episode #91

The crew gets together with no guests this week to give it to you straight with no chaser! Its the 91's edition of the SJS Show. How do you feel about loaning friends and family members money? We'll talk about that as well as all of the new from the past week like: Bill Cosby, Trump, A summer internship opportunity and more. We also have the regular segments and DJ WyldChyld. We ask that you be patient with us as we go through some schedule changes with the crew. The shows may become more...


Episode #89

We have the most traveled crew on The SJS. This week Brandon is out of town. No sweat, we have our best guest.. Shalon sitting in with us and its hilarious as usual. Today we ask, What are some ridiculous and funny moments in your life? And we play "Would you rather." All of that, plus our regular segments, great music, entertainment news, TV show recap, random conversation and DJ WyldChyld. Go download the new SJS Show Android app from the Google Play Store right now. Its free and...


Episode #88

Hey.. did you know the show you are listening to was recorded live on Facebook last Saturday? We record live on Facebook every Saturday! The live feed is like watching a music video show. Check it out on our Facebook page: We changed the format slightly. We do not have a hot topics segment and instead we spread the stories out through the entire show. Let us know what you think. We had a contest this week (someone already won) and we coined a new Sean...


Episode #87

Happy Monday! I hope you were able to watch us on Facebook Live this past weekend. It was a hoot. On this episode we ask the Facebook live listeners what phrase or saying irritates you. Let us know your charity in the comments. We changed the format slightly. We do not have a hot topics segment and instead we spread the stories out through the entire show. Let us know what you think. We are now in our 3rd year and in celebration, we are playing clips from some past shows. This week we...