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All rural life is here: daily news of food, farming, the countryside and the environment with analysis and context from the BBC's experts in the field. Presented by Anna Hill and Charlotte Smith.

All rural life is here: daily news of food, farming, the countryside and the environment with analysis and context from the BBC's experts in the field. Presented by Anna Hill and Charlotte Smith.
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All rural life is here: daily news of food, farming, the countryside and the environment with analysis and context from the BBC's experts in the field. Presented by Anna Hill and Charlotte Smith.




Vaccines and antibiotics; Dartmoor sheep gather; Sugar beet campaign

Vaccines could replace some antibiotics used in farming, according to a report to be released this week. Concerns that farming practices were contributing to the growth of antibiotic resistant bugs led to a drive to reduce their use, and sales of farm antibiotics have fallen 40% over the past five years, but Charlotte hears there is room for improvement. The traditional annual "sheep gather" has begun on Dartmoor. Every year the sheep are taken off the moor for at least two weeks and this...


Future Farming

What will farming look like in the 22nd century? In this programme, Charlotte Smith visits an aquaponics farm in Somerset, to gaze into her agricultural crystal ball and talk about some of the methods we may use to produce food in the future. We also hear from a vertical farm in Scotland, a field trial using robots, and a floating dairy farm in the Netherlands. Producer: Emma Campbell


New Rules for Fish Farms, A Floating Dairy Farm and More land for British vineyards.

Some Scottish salmon farms could close because of tough new rules being proposed by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. After conducting a major study, Sepa wants to reduce the amount of liquid medicines, animal waste and uneaten food from fish farms which it says damage the marine environment. But will it be enough for environmental campaigners? Charlotte Smith speaks to a pioneering farmer in the Netherlands...who's building a floating dairy farm! We hear about the Cornish...


Farm Business Innovation

Charlotte reports from the 2018 Farm Business Innovation show at the Birmingham NEC, where she hears how rural businesses can diversify and boost the bottom line. Just outside Cambridge there has been quite a different gathering of innovators - using artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and lab-based discoveries in animal biology to explore how farming might look in the future. Anna Hill reports from AgriTech East's REAP conference. The food expert Professor Tim Lang gives his...


CCTV in abattoirs, a pilot scheme for TB testing and small farm robots

Some small abattoirs have failed to comply with the new rules that mean CCTV has to be installed in all English abattoirs. Anna Hill speaks to one abattoir owner who says the cost is prohibitive, and in such a small operation, it's not necessary. The Government has announced a pilot scheme to see if cattle TB testing can be done by non-vets. Northern Irish apple farmers say the summer's hot weather has meant a bumper harvest. And we get access to the field trials of some new farming tech -...


Storing meat after Brexit, The government's 25 Year Environment Plan, Farming underground

A No Deal Brexit could lead to a pause in trade with the EU, meaning a backlog of meat carcasses - the National Sheep Association says there's not enough cold storage to hold more lambs. Also, Anna Hill hears from the Environmental Audit Committee about the Government's 25 Year Environment Plan, and could we start farming underground?


Farming Today This Week: Commercial Fishing

As the sun rises over Newlyn harbour in West Cornwall, Sarah Swadling talks to people at the bustling fish auction about the future of the industry. With Brexit around the corner fishermen, buyers and processors are all expecting big changes to come. The programme tackles the potential impact of Brexit on quotas and trade with the EU, recruitment difficulties in fishing and processing and how to tempt more British people to eat more British fish. Presented by Sarah Swadling. Produced by...


Eggs, the Agriculture Bill, Oyster farming, Countryside restoration

Why do UK shoppers insist on buying mainly large eggs? Charlotte asks an egg producer how he hopes to persuade us all to buy all sizes of eggs, and save money into the bargain. Farming ministers say the Agriculture Bill won't include measures to guarantee in law that foreign food imports will have to meet the same standards as UK products after Brexit. Appearing before MPs discussing the new bill, Michael Gove and George Eustice indicated that the issue was one for the Trade Bill. They...


Rural broadband, fishing, sheep, adders

Rural representative organisations such as the National Farmers’ Union and the CLA have welcomed proposals announced in the Budget to allocate £200m to provide fast broadband connections in remote locations. This has been an issue for many years especially for businesses, but also for anyone needing to access the internet. However not everyone is happy, Anna hears from Graham Long a campaigner with 'Fast Broadband for Rural Devon and Somerset'. Is the Northern Ireland fishing sector...


Food standards; Scottish fishing; national hedge laying championships

A UK animal health and welfare expert responds to a US Embassy spokesman who claims his country’s standards are the same as those in the UK. Farming Today reports from a Scottish fishing port where fishermen strongly support Brexit. And the country’s hedge layers have been competing in the national championships. Presented by Anna Hill Produced by Alun Beach.


A future US trade deal, pumpkin picking for Halloween and fishing after Brexit

Charlotte Smith speaks to the US Embassy Spokesman in London about the potential impact of a future trade deal on UK farmers. We visit a pumpkin farm where the public come to pick their own... And what will Brexit mean for fishermen? We start a week of programmes about commercial fishing with an overview of the industry.