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A weekly hour of alternative, shoe gaze and eclectic music.

A weekly hour of alternative, shoe gaze and eclectic music.


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A weekly hour of alternative, shoe gaze and eclectic music.






Episode 86: EB the Younger, Cocteau Twins, Doris Day tribute

This week we feature new tracks from Hozier and EB the Younger, plus classics from Cocteau Twins, St Vincent and the Trashcan Sinatras. We also celebrate the life of Doris Day - because why not! Find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook - and thank you in advance for SUBSCRIBING and leaving a COMMENT and a RATING!


Episode 85: Covers V

Our latest show is another run at "cover" songs - original tracks reimagined by Tanya Donnelly, Wolfgang Press, Scheer, Tori Amose, Everything But the Girl, the Accidentals and more! Thank you for listening - don't forget to Subscribe, and spread the word! Instagram/Facebook: @Songsfromtheedge Twitter: @Songsedge


Episode 84: Star Wars Mini-set, Concrete Blonde, Florence and the Machines, The Sundays

This week we are back with an all new episode that celebrates "May the 4th be with you", an annual day recognizing Star Wars. We'll feature a mini-set of songs that capture Star Wars themes, while also keeping it alternative with tracks from Florence and the Machine, The Dresden Dolls, Depeche Mode, The Sundays and more! Twitter: @Songsedge Facebook/Instagram: @Songsfromtheedge


Episode 83: Morrissey, Ummagma, Hilang Child, Agent Dana Scully

This week we feature 10 NEW TRACKS from Morrissey, Ummagma, Hilang Child, PJ Harvey (with Gillian Anderson...really!), Auld and more! You can find us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. And don't forget to Subscribe!


Episode 82: Songs Reimagined; Peter Gabriel, Amanda Palmer, Siouxsie

This week we visit tracks artists decided to revisit at some point in their careers - with interesting results. We'll feature 30 minutes of songs from Peter Gabriel, Amanda Palmer, Siouxsie and the Banshees and more - then we'll feature another 30 minutes of the same songs, reimagined by the artists on future releases. You get to choose which one you prefer! Thanks for tuning in - and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE - leave a COMMENT and RATING! Also, find us on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and...


Episode 81: Evi Vine, Moose, Blushing, the Cure

This week's episode includes brand new tracks from Evi Vine and Brim Liski, plus songs from the Cure, Lisa Hannigan, Blushing and more! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, leave a COMMENT and RATING. And THANK YOU for listening!


Episode 80: New Order, Bjork, Nine inch Nails, GusGus

This week we do some toe-tapping with beats from Nine Inch Nails, Pet Shop Boys and more - plus, we feature a set of songs that take great privileges with well known alternative hits for their own dancey purposes. How do they fair? Tune in and find out! Find us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, leave a COMMENT AND RATING!


Episode 79: Depeche Mode, The Cure, Sylvan Esso, E.B. the Younger

This week's episode includes classic tracks from Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Smiths and Sinead O'Connor, plus new(er) music from E.B. the Younger, Lost Horizons, Everything but the Girl and more. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and LEAVE A COMMENT/RATING! Also - find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


Episode 78: Hozier, Buckle/Vogt, Aldous Harding, Amanda Palmer

This week's show includes 5 brand new tracks form 2019. New releases include Aldous Harding, Hozier, Piroshka, Amanda Palmer and vocalist Karen Vogt. And we don't forget the classics from Belly, the Police, Ian McCulloch and more! Thanks for listening, check us out on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, leave a comment and rating! We also welcome music suggestions and new artist's info at


Episode 77: The Short Show

Last week we featured only 5 songs over an hour - ranging in length form 8 minutes to 18. THIS week we do the opposite - a "short show", cramming a whopping 42 songs into the podcast. No song is longer than 2 minutes. The shortest? 5 seconds - shorter than the time it will take you to read this! Too many artists to mention - but we bring the best of briefest alternative in this jam-packed episode! Check us out on Social Media for a complete track list once you've inhaled all the musical...


Episode 76: The Long Show

This week's show is our usual length - one hour - but we only have room for 5 songs! We won't share the artists here, let the suspense hold until the listening. But the show includes songs from the 80s, 90s and this decade. Alternative Rock and Electronica. Make sure you're well hydrated and rested, and get ready for the long-players. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, leave and COMMENT and a RATING! Facebook: @Songsfromtheedge Twitter: @SongsEdge Instagram: @Songsfromtheedge


Episode 75: The Name Game, Ken Nordine Tribute

This week we feature an hour of songs named after people - maybe we know them, maybe we don't. Maybe they are real - maybe they are made up. But whoever they are they guide the music, so take a listen to named songs from artists such as Bat for Lashes, Lush, Cocteau Twins, Siouxsie and the Banshees and more! Plus, we remember Ken Nordine, a spoken word jazz artist who passed away this week at the age of 98. He is the one who said, "Dammit all, everything but the circus!" Thanks for...


Episode 74: Mountain Goats, St Vincent, Say Hi, Lisa Germano

This week's episode brings new music from The Mountain Goats, plus celebration of the "Grammy's of St Vincent", and music from Morrissey, Say Hi, Lisa Germano, XTC and more! Find us on: Twitter: @SongsEdge Facebook: @Songsfromtheedge Instagram: @Songsfromtheedge And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, leave a COMMENT and RATING!


Episode 73: Andrew Bird, The Western Den, Clan of Xymox

This week's episode brings new tracks from Andrew Bird and The Western Den. Plus, songs from The Drums, Throwing Muses, Clan of Xymox and more! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! SUBSCRIBE! Leave a COMMENT and RATING! SAY HELLO! And as always...Thank you for listening!


Episode 72: Twilight Sad, Florence and the Machine, The XX, Wolfgang Press

Our latest episode brings fresh new 2019 hits right along alternative classics from the 80s and 90s! New tracks from Florence and the Machine, Hozier, the Twighlight Sad and the Cranberries are matched with classics from Cocteau Twins, Bjork and more! Thanks to all of our listeners from around the world for joining our community - don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, leave a COMMENT and a RATING! Also - visit us on Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram!


Episode 71: The 2nd Instrumental Show

This week's episode puts the voices to the side, and lets the instruments take center stage. Instrumental tracks from Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), Unrest, Dif Juz, Lost Horizons, This Mortal Coil and more. Headphones recommended! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, leave a COMMENT and RATING. Visit us on Facebook after the show for a complete track list. @SongsfromtheEdge Twitter: @SongsEdge


Episode 70: Piroshka, New Order, Morrissey, The Cure and more

This week's episode brings brand new tracks from Piroshka, Hilang Child and CHVRCHES, plus New Order, Cowboy Junkies, Morrissey and more! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and RATE the show...Visit us on Facebook and Twitter and say hi! And lastly - thank you for listening!


Episode 69: Interstellar Space Special!

This week's episode takes up beyond the edge of the "world", all the way to the edge of the universe! Spacey hits from Sugarcubes, David Bowie, Bat for Lashes, Lush and more. So strap into your flight suit and get ready for an hour of spacey alternative tunes for your vulcan pointy ears. Thanks to our listeners all around the world for sticking around and tuning in - don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and leave a COMMENT and RATING!


Episode 68: Daughter, Japanese Breakfast, Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode

This week's episode brings you alternative and experimental music from The Cocteau Twins, Japanese Breakfast, Daughter, The Rest, Piano Magic and more! Thanks for listening - and don't forget that you can support this podcast and the artists we feature by SUBSCRIBING so you never miss an episode, and RATING the show so it can be found by others in searches!


Episode 67: The 2018 End-of-Year Episode

The year ends - was it a good one for you? And how will the next one fair? While you await the truth to emerge, bask in our end of year podcast! All of this week's songs have the word "year" in the title, including tracks by David Bowie, His Name is Alive, The Cure, The Mountain Goats and more. Thanks for listening - please subscribe, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!