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Brighton, United Kingdom




Morning Glory // 05 Feb 2017

Morning Glory returns in 2017 for the first of its monthly forays into the realm of far-flung experimental electronic sounds, channelled as ever by your host Lost Idol. This month features plenty of new sounds for a brave new year, including the likes of Earthen Sea, Burial, Throwing Snow, Marconi Union, Echaskech, Clocolan and Noveller.


Morning Glory // 25 Dec 2016

Well that was that then. I think it's safe to say we've all had a strange old time this year with a few ups and a whole lotta downs. Thankfully though it's been another stellar year for music, so Lost Idol has done his customary thing putting together a Morning Glory mix of his own personal sonic highlights from 2016. Expect bleeps, beats and pieces in all shapes and forms from the likes of Lone, Plaid, The Dandelion Set, Digital Midgets, Bullion, Ital Tek, Cavern Of Anti-Matter, Weval and...


Morning Glory // 20 Nov 2016

Another bunch of unclassifiable sonic nuggets from the electronic and otherworldly realm courtesy of Morning Glory. This week we commence with some far out drifting sounds courtesy of Botany and The Orb, moving on to beatier terrain with Romare and The Major (AKA Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer as you've never heard him before). Rico Puestel puts his shoegaze techno stamp on the proceedings, and Brighton heroes Fujiya & Miyagi bring us a cosmic lullaby via Jupiter and Mars.


Morning Glory // 02 Oct 2016

To celebrate the release of his third studio album Chrome Machine Tales Lost Idol presents a very special edition of Morning Glory exploring the sounds and textures which have influenced his new work. From beatless free-floating ambience from Fennesz, Mountains and Jurgen Muller through to bittersweet wonk-pop from Weval and Julia Holter, classic electronica from Plaid and The Future Sound Of London through to a handful of Lost Idol's own creations, this is the soundtrack to a day in the...


Morning Glory // 18 Sep 2016

Lost Idol presents an hour of brand new music, inhabiting the world of deep and experimental electronic music for mind and feet. This week features ambient sounds from Eluvium and Pye Corner Audio, digital dub from Vesa-Matti Kivioja and Lorenz Lepus and some wayward techno from the mystical Hieroglyphic Being. Come closer, take up thy headphones and listen!


Morning Glory // 04 Sep 2016

Morning Glory returns from its summer sojourn with a further delve in to the deep, the wide and the wonderful. Lost Idol spins an hour of upfront and classic electronica and ambience par excellence from the likes of Steve Hauschildt, Marconi Union, patten, Digital Midgets, Kin Klave, 2 8 1 4 and The Orb. Lie back, absorb!


Morning Glory // 15 Jul 2016

Lost Idol curates another sonic trip through pastures electronic, downtempo, ambient and beyond. This edition of Morning Glory opens with a lush new number from Steve Cobby and Rich Arthurs, from there things continue in a Balearic vein with music from David Last. Konx-om-pax and Lone bring us post-rave soundscapes, while Weval and Murcof take things off in a wayward leftfield direction. Oh, and we welcome back The Avalanches after their 16 year hiatus, but really who's counting?


Morning Glory // 02 Jul 2016

Come aboard intrepid audio explorers for a sonic trip into the unknown with Lost Idol! This week commences with a beautiful piece of ambience from Tom Adams and then diverts into beatier terrain with music from Plaid, Space Dimension Controller and Lone. Kasket and Dandelion Set provide some psych-flected enlightenment, and Mi and Brothomstates bring us home again with some deep electronica.


Morning Glory // 19 Jun 2016

This week's Morning Glory is a veritable trove of new releases as Lost Idol curates an hour of experimental downtempo electronica from across the globe. Featured artists include Julien Mier, David Last, Rival Consoles, Magical Mistakes and Plaid.


Morning Glory // 05 June 2016

Sad times on this week's Morning Glory as we bid farewell to Juice FM - the Brighton station which has remarkably allowed us to broadcast every Sunday for the last ten years or so! With that in mind this week's a mixture of former MG sure-shot classics rubbing up against some MG future classics with the likes of Four Tet, Christ., Tortoise, Odd Nosdam, Tunnel Club and Death In Vegas in the mix, finishing on the poignant and most celestial 'Goodbye, Goodbye' by U-ziq. Gone from Juice we...


Morning Glory // 15 May 2016

We open this week's Morning Glory with a beautiful take on Debussy's Clair de Lune by Japanese musician Isao Tomita who sadly left us last weekend. We then journey on with new music from electronic veteran Mark Pritchard, plus feature upfront cuts from Octavcat, The Gasman and Plaid finishing up with a spot of Cluster and a nifty reworking by Bullion of his own track 'It's No Spirit'. Tune in, recline, zone out.


Morning Glory // 01 May 2016

Welcome fair-weathered friends to another epic journey into the unknown aboard the good ship Morning Glory! This week we cover modern classical, post-dubstep atmospherics, melodic electronics and a touch of psychedelia with a hearty crew including Ben Lukas Boysen, Ital Tek, Phaeleh, The Gasman and Debruit. Heck even Jean-Michel Jarre comes aboard for the ride!


Morning Glory // 03 Apr 2016

This week's Morning Glory mines deep into uncharted sonic realms exploring far out sounds - ambience, drones, glitches, pops and all manner of synthesised noise is dug up for you listening pleasure. Featured artists include Odeko, The Dandelion Set & Alan Moore, Atlas Sound, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Submerse. Tune in, wig out.


Morning Glory // 20 Mar 2016

This week's Morning Glory welcomes the return of prolific producer Mark Pritchard with a beautiful track from his forthcoming LP for Warp. Also on the show we feature new music of a wayward electronic nature from Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Metamono and Jilk plus some distinctly German-influenced sounds from Cavern Of Anti-Matter (Stereolab's Tim Gane) and Working For A Nuclear Free City.


Morning Glory // 28 Feb 2016

It seems 2016 has finally stirred and delivered some new music into the eager hands of Lost Idol. First off some soundtrack work from the ever-prolific Clark taken from his score for 'The Last Panthers', we then feature some mesmerising electronics and vocal work from Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, blunted future beats from Jilk and Brighton resident Tomes plus a very pagan reworking of Odd Nosdam from enigmatic Scottish synth-sorcerers Boards Of Canada.


Morning Glory // 14 Feb 2016

This week we take a trip through past Morning Glory treasures plundering electronic, ambient and otherworldly gems from the likes of Yawning Gulf, Harmonia, Pye Corner Audio, Orbital, U-ziq and Hefner plus a unique take on Jimi Hendrix's 'Castles Made Of Sand' by Four Tet.


Morning Glory // 31 Jan 2016

This week's Morning Glory heralds the return of Dextro, one of our favourite producers, with two tracks from his beautiful new album 'In The Crossing'. Additionally we feature new music from Italy courtesy Of OKE, plus Brighton's own Branner Griswell and Xspance. We also play a track from Susumu Yokota's seminal 'Sakura' album, a must-have reissue from the excellent Leaf imprint.


Morning Glory // 10 Jan 2016

What with such a positive response to Lost Idol's first Best Of 2015 Morning Glory show, he's decided to put together a part two! So buckle up for a truly horizontal trip through pastures electronic and chill, with the likes of Four Tet, Digitonal, Grasscut, Amen Ra, John Tejada and Rival Consoles providing the soundtrack.


Morning Glory // 20 Dec 2015

Lost Idol presents part one of his customary musical round-up of 2015 playing Morning Glory highlights from the year that was. Expect a wide selection of ambient, electronica, psychedelic and Balearic vibes from the likes of Ken Camden, Tom Furse, Steve Cobby, Julia Holter, Wax Stag and Thool as well as the announcement of the Morning Glory Album Of The Year. Who will it be? Tune in to find out!


Morning Glory // 13 Dec 2015

A dazzling array of music for mind, body and soul on this week's Morning Glory from the electronic and bleepy to the acoustic and plucky. Featured artists include Floating Points, Max Richter, Jacaszek, Sabres Of Paradise, Beck, Greg Haines and Fridge. Tune in, chill out.