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Episode 38 : My Hero Academia Anime Discussion - 【議論】僕のヒーローアカデミア

Ever since a mysterious phenomenon decades ago, certain humains suddenly gained supernatural powers, called "Quirks". For as long as he can remember, Izuku Midoriya has always wanted one thing above all else: to become the world's greatest superhero! The only problem is, he's quirkless! Without any powers of his own, he's faced constant mockery from his peers. Despite all of the odds seemingly stacked against him, the young Midoriya is determined as ever to make his dreams come true. Out...


Episode 37 : Golden Time Anime Discussion - 【議論】ゴールデン タイム

Tada Banri enters a Tokyo Law School , whilst dealing with the loss of his memories due to retrograde amnesia. Along the way he encounters a bunch of quirky characters , a few love interests and most importantly his past self, trying to resurface. Join Joe, Kevin, and Bish on this journey that is known as Golden Time, who do we choose as our best girl, why is Linda amazing, find this out and more on this episode of Kunai In the next episode of Kunai, we're tackling My Hero Academia,...


Episode 36 : Charlotte Anime Discussion - 【議論】シャーロット

There are those who exist with a special ability that develops when they reach adolescence. Yu Otosaka is one of these special individuals, but he uses his power, the ability to possess others for a few seconds, in order to satisfy his own selfish desires. As a result, he's able to live a successful school life without any issues. This changes when he meets Nao Tomori, an individual with the power of invisibility. When his antics are exposed, he's forced to enroll in a special academy for...


Episode 35 : Black Lagoon Anime Discussion - 【議論】ブラック・ラグーン

Rokuro "Rock" Okajima is the very definition of average Joe, working long hours at a white-collar job, coddling up to suits and ties, and living the same boring routine day in, day out. That all changes however, when he's suddenly kidnapped and held hostage by mercenaries and dragged into the violent, brutal criminal world of Roanapur. Abandoned and left for dead by his employer, Rock is forced to join his captors: Revy, the foul-mouthed gunslinger, Benny, the specialist, and Dutch, the...


Episode 34 : Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions Anime Discussion - 【議論】中二病でも恋がしたい!

Chūnibyō - that weird, fantasy-obsessed phase that all young adults go through at some point in their lives. For Yūta Togashi, he spent his years in middle school as the all-powerful, "Dark Flame Master", master of the dark arts and the occult...... and for that, he was alienated by almost everyone. But that's all in the past! By attending a high school where he's completely unknown, it's a clean slate, a chance to start anew, free from his embarrassing chūnibyō past! At least, that's was...


Episode 33 : Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor Anime Discussion - 【議論】逆境無頼カイジ

Low Life Itou Kaiji has struggled with making a living for as long as he can remember. This situation only gets worse when one Yuuji Endou, a tax collector, presents to him a hefty tax that he must now inherit from one of his friends. With no way to cover the payments, Kaiji begins to lose all hope. That’s when Endou makes a proposal: to board the ship Espoir, gamble his way to the top, and come out with much more than he can count. Little did Kaiji know that accepting his proposal would...


Episode 32 : Haganai Next (Season 2) Anime Discussion - 【議論】 僕は友達が少ない Next

The Neighbor’s Club is back in action! With even crazier events, brand new characters, and an unfortunate love triangle, the members of the club are about to take their friendship shenanigans to a brand new level. Only time can tell where our cast will go next. Will Kodaka and co. finally understand what it means to be friends? Will Yozora finally be able to win Kodaka’s heart after their long-awaited reunion? Will Sena ever stop being so naive? Join Joe, Kevin, and Bish as they explore...


Episode 31 : Nanana Buried Treasure Anime Discussion -【議論】龍ヶ嬢七々々の埋蔵金

Disowned by his father, Juugo Yama is finally able to start a new life on Nanae Island, a man-made paradise where everyone is free to live as they choose. When he moves into his new living space, he soon meets his "roomate" - the ghost of Nanana Ryuugajou, an adventure-seeking, pudding-loving girl who was murdered by a mysterious assailant a long time ago. Through this confrontation, Juugo learns about Nanana's Collection, powerful magical relics scattered across the island. Join Bish,...


Episode 30 : Another Anime Discussion -【議論】アナザー

Ever since Koichi Sakakibara transferred to Yomiyama North Middle School, strange phenomenon have occurred. First, there's talk of a curse, and there's the mysterious Misaki Mei, whom nobody seems to notice. Then suddenly, his classmates and their families start dying in droves. Can he solve this mystery and end these sudden deaths? Join Kevin, Bish, and Joe as they dive into the terrifying world of Another for Kunai's 2016 Halloween special. Next time we are discussing "Nananas Buried...


Episode 29 : Accel World Anime Discussion -【議論】 アクセル・ワール

Haruyuki Arita is suddenly thrown into the universe of Accel World when upperclassman Kuroyukihime gives him Brain Burst, a program that lets users accelerate their minds to superhuman levels. With enemies everywhere, Haruyuki is locked in a struggle for both his new powers and pride. Join Bish, Joe, and Kevin as they review Studio Sunrise's 2012 cyberpunk anime Next time we are discussing "Another" . If you want to submit an anime suggestion , please send us a tweet @GALPKunai And if you...


Episode 28 : Yamada Kun & the 7 Witches Anime Discussion -【議論】 山田くんと7人の魔女

What happens when you mix a normal high school romantic comedy full of surprises and mischief with seven powerful witches, each with their own unique abilities? In this episode, Joe, Kevin, and I will be discussing and reviewing Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, where Ryuu Yamada is about to be roped into a situation supernatural enough to change his life forever. And it all starts with an accidental encounter with star student Urara Shiraishi Next time we are discussing "Accel World" ....


Episode 27 : Kiznaiver Anime Discussion -【議論】キズナイーバー

Kiznaiver is a sci-fi thriller show, which focuses on Agata the group of friends he makes as a result of the Kizna Program. On this episode of Kunai we discuss the anime at hand, it's themes and idea of sharing pain/emotions between multiple subjects. As well as our usual banter :D Next time we are discussing "Yamada Kun and the 7 Witches" . If you want to submit an anime suggestion , please send us a tweet @GALPKunai And if you love us , feel free to support us directly by signing up to...


Episode 26 : Plastic Memories Anime Discussion -【議論】プラメモ

We are discussing "Plastic Memories" a Romantic Drama about dealing with losses. This is also Tyson's final episode on Kunai, we wish him the best of luck for the Future, and hey we might see him in the future. Be Sure to Tweet us @GALPKunai with your anime Suggestions and it might be featured on Kunai. Next time we are discussing "Yamada Kun and the 7 Witches" (ReUpload)


Episode 25 : Dagashi Kashi Anime Discussion -【議論】だがしかし

We talked about Dagashi Kashi for our new seasonal simulcast specials, where we pick one simulcasted anime to watch per season, and do an episode of kunai about it. (ReUpload)


Episode 24 : Panty & Stocking Anime Discussion -【議論】パンティ&ストッキング

Finally it's happened , we are discussing "Panty & Stocking" and you are damn right we tried our best to destroy Kevin and his choice of best girl. Be Sure to Tweet us @GALPKunai with your anime Suggestions and it might be featured on Kunai. Next time we are discussing "Plastic Memories" (ReUpload)


Episode 23 : Shirobako Anime Discussion -【議論】シロバコ

We discuss the meta of anime , the anime about making anime "Shirobako", Bish was unfortunately too ill to join us but yeah enjoy this 3 man kunai episode :D . Be Sure to Tweet us @GALPKunai with your anime Suggestions and it might be featured on Kunai. Next time we are discussing "Panty & Stocking" (ReUpload)


Episode 22 : Tiger & Bunny Anime Discussion -【議論】タイガー&バニー

Discussing Tiger and Bunny this time, to take a break from the on going waifu wars ... sorry that we didn't air the Evangellion episode due to scheduling issues. Be Sure to Tweet us @GALPKunai with your anime Suggestions and it might be featured on kunai. Next time we are discussing "Shirobako" with a special twist ;D (ReUpload)


Episode 21 : Omakase Interview w/ Tommy Pedrini and Elliot Trinidad

We Talk about Viewster's omakase RIP OMAKASE (ReUpload)


Episode 20 : Haganai Anime Discussion - 【議論】 僕は友達が少ない

Waifu Wars continue ... we are arguing/discussing who is best girl in Haganai. Come for the Best Girls ... stay for the pie and by Pie i mean our sweet opinions on this anime XD Be Sure to Tweet us @GALPKunai with your anime Suggestions and it might be featured on kunai. (ReUpload)


Episode 19 : XMAS Special : Spirited Away Anime Discussion - 【議論】 千と千尋の神隠し

This Holiday Season we mess around with the kunai schedule to bring you a special Studio Ghibli Episode, this time we went for Spirited Away Film ,tell us what is your favourite Miyazaki Film via our twitter page @GALPKunai. Remember you can give us suggestions of shows to watch and we will give you a shout out ! (ReUpload)