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08 - A Digital Trip Down Memory Lane

In this episode, Andrew talks with his old friend Peter from Medallion Comics about the anime that made him the watcher he is today and inspired his writings. They talk about Digimon, Yugioh, Dragonball, pokemon and a whole host of other anime. They also take a reminisce about how they met and tell a few fun stories from their college anime club days. Though before all that, they gab about some games that were shown at E3, including Kingdom Hearts and Smash Bros Ultimate. Time...


07 - A Solo Whistle For The Victory

In this episode, Andrew decides to talk to himself and all of you about soccer anime, but this time it's more about his favorite one called Whistle! by Daisuke Higuchi. Before that, he talks about a cosplayer's salary, the My Hero Academia movie, an isekai anime being canceled and a whole bunch of tokusatsu news. He also gives a quick recap of shows that he is still watching from the spring 2018 season. Time Stamps: [0h00m00s] Intro + News + Catchup [0h27m18s] Main Topic -...


06 - Andrew in the Big Apple

In this episode, Andrew talks about his trip down to New York City to visit his good friend Bcom from the Nerdom and Other Nonsense Anime podcast. Bcom also talks about anime that were formative to him. Before all that fun stuff, they discuss Pokemon Go and their legal battles, Super Robot Wars, silly and not so silly merchandise that we purchased and some super sentai silliness amongst other affairs. We also discuss Andrew's first baseball game and recommend a few good baseball anime. We...


05 - Soccer Anime is Sometimes a Solo Activity

In this episode, Andrew decides to talk to himself and all of you about soccer anime. Before he does that, he talks about anime from the spring season that he's keeping up with week to week; he also talks about some small news items from that week. Time Stamps: [0h00m00s] Intro + News + Catchup [0h22m31s] Main Topic - Soccer Anime [0h44m05s] Outro and Info You can follow the hosts on Twitter: Andrew: @frigimonfanatic You can find more info on the show at Website:...


04 - Anime Spring 2018 Impressions are Difficult for an Otaku

In this episode, Andrew, Petiparty and Kat from the Nerdom and Other Nonsense Podcast talk about their impressions for the Spring 2018 Anime season. We also talk about Cowboy Bebop being on our list of shame, Pirates in Newfoundland and Andrew speaks some french along the way. Its action packed episode, so strap in and have a fun time. Time Stamps: [0h00m00s] Intro [0h05m01s] Round 1: Legend of the Galactic Hero: Die Neue These, Megalo Box, Persona 5 The Animation, Tokyo Ghoul Re, Mahou...


03 - A Canuck and an Aussie Reunite in the Digital World

In this episode, Andrew welcomes Jay Silver/Vivalajady from the Smack It Down Podcast to talk about Digimon Adventure Tri Movie 1: Reunion. Before all that, they discuss a little bit of their own personal history with Digimon. Time Stamps: [0h00m00s] Intro + Chats [0h11m35s] Main Topic - Digimon Adventure Tri Movie 1: Reunion [0h45m48s] Outro and Info I also did a guest spot on the Smack It Down podcast, where i figure out wrestlers allegiances and even try to figure out what some...


02 - Two Canadians Watch Anime, Eh!

In this episode, Andrew welcomes Petiparty to sit and discuss some formative anime from their youth, with a Canadian twist. Though, before all that they discuss Overlord getting a season 3. They also give a mini review of Pacific Rim 2 (with spoilers) and some dream hirings for the franchise as an anime. They then dive into their formative discussing some classics such as Dragonball, Digimon and many more, with diversions and tangents galore. Andrew even tells an embarrassing story and...


01 - An Anime Podcast Further Than the Universe

In this inaugural episode of an Anime Podcast, Andrew sits down with Bcom from the Nerdom and Other Nonsense Podcast, Mandi and Kat from the AAA Discord and Brains from the Trash Pandas Watch Anime Podcast to discuss their impressions on the Anime of the Winter 2018 Season. Time Stamps: [0h00m00s] Intro [0h04m27s] Violet Evergarden [0h25m16s] Citrus [0h41m47s] After The Rain [0h57m54s] Darling in the FranXX [1h15m04s] A Place Further Than The Universe [1h28m36s ] Devilman:...