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3 friends watch a random episode of an anime none have seen before. Hilarity ensues. Releases Tuesdays.

3 friends watch a random episode of an anime none have seen before. Hilarity ensues. Releases Tuesdays.


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3 friends watch a random episode of an anime none have seen before. Hilarity ensues. Releases Tuesdays.






Episode 51 - Yuri!!! On Ice

Fact check! Can a man be a prima ballerina? The answer is no. Curtis and Ryan expose their stunning lack of knowledge about ballet and ice skating as they tackle Yuri!!! on Ice, a show about two dudes named Yuri. They're fated rivals. Because of the name. See? Series: Yuri!!! on Ice Episode: 4


Episode 50 - Lovely Complex

She's very tall. He's super short. That sounds like a wacky situation ripe for an anime adaptation. And it is! Curtis and Ryan tackle Lovely Complex, a show that takes place in high school but still somehow interesting! Series: Lovely Complex Episode: 10


Uninformed Flashback - Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains

Vraiiiiiiinnnnns.... Vraaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnsss... Yes, another flashback episode! This week, Curtis and Ryan play polymerization and jump into the latest season of Yu-gi-oh! These digital dummies don't stand a ghost of a chance when it comes to Link Summoning, the latest attempt to "slow down" the game. Which is a complete lie if this episode of anime is to be believed. Series: Yu-Gi-Oh- Vrains Episode: 116 Programming Note: Late upload this week due to some unforeseen circumstances and...


Episode 49 - Death Parade

Boom boom boom! Shane's ghost haunts this episode, as he recommends we tackle Death Parade, a show about souls in the underworld? Or maybe alien experiments? Who knows! Curtis and Ryan also tackle lots of random thoughts as well. Series: Death Parade Episode: 11


Uninformed Flashback - Pokemon

Curtis and Ryan travel back in time to catch them all when there were only 151 of the little monsters. That's right, its Pokemon time! This time, our intrepid heroes compare one episode from the original Indigo League season and one episode from the current Sun and Moon season. Series: Pokemon Episodes: Indigo League: 16. Pokemon Shipwreck Sun & Moon: 17. Crystal-Clear Sleuthing!


Episode 48 - Highschool of the Dead

And once more we're back in highschool. Though this time, it's the apocalypse! Zombies, wait sorry, Walkers, or Others, or Them, or whatever have attacked. Ryan and Curtis join the booby highschool warriors as they struggle to survive. We also visit Castlevania and Ryan reviews the current crop of Toonami anime. Email us! TheUninformedPod@gmail.com Series: Highschool of the Dead Episode: 4


Episode 47 - Clannad

High school again?!? That's right, it's festival time as the guys explore Clannad, a show with a name that's hilarious. Seriously the story behind the name is the best part of this anime. Every show should be named in the same way. Series: Clannad Episode: 21


Episode 46 - Hikaru no Go

The whole squad is back together to tackle this anime about an ancient spirit guiding a young man in a game of skill. Wait a minute... that sounds familiar. Yes, its Yugioh without the monsters or the drama or really the fun. We liked this one, can you tell? Series: Hikaru no Go Episode: 8


Uninformed Filler - Mobile Suit Gundam: Twilight Axis

Shane and Ryan become Iron Blooded Orphans in this spectacular mech filler episode. They tackle this bite-sized take on the mobile suit universe. Will there be talk of G Gundam? With no Curtis, probably not. Series: Mobile Suit Gundam: Twilight Axis Episode: All of it!


Episode 45 - March Comes in Like a Lion

Shane's back! But now Ryan's gone... Shane and Curtis tackle March Comes in Like a Lion, a show about Japanese chess. Also a lot of diversions this episode, with discussion about Game of Thrones, the quality of harem anime, and liking bad things. Send us an email and tell us some things! theuninformedpod@gmail.com Series: March Comes in Like a Lion Episode: 17


Uninformed Filler - I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying

Shane is still offworld, so Curtis and Ryan do what they do best, watch a very sill anime. This time, they're tackling I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying. Is it good? Doesn't matter! It's only 3 minutes long. To be fair, they watched 3 episodes. Series: I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying Episodes: 8, 19, 25


Uninformed Filler - Neon Genesis Evangelion

Filler episode! Shane and Ryan are away, so Curtis watches the first two episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix. Does he like it? Well, it's the first two episodes, can you really glean that much from just two episodes? I suppose we do normally watch just one... Hmmm. Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion (2019 Netflix release) Episodes: 1+2


Episode 44 - Haikyuu!! Season 3

Look, I'm going to be honest with you, there's like 15 minutes of Haikyuu talk in this one. It's a sports anime. They play the sport. This isn't even like the penultimate match or anything, it's just normal volleyball. Otherwise we touch on Kill la Kill, videogames, gendered sports, anime theme songs, and more! Series: Haikyuu Season 3 Episode: 6


Episode 43 - Major

We are the champions my friends! At least, that's what we're singing this week because it's another sports anime. That's right, back to our roots with an episode about 1940 America's favorite pastime, baseball. And we're 100% sure about that because it takes place during a baseball game. Duh. Series: Major Episode: 123


Episode 42 - Maison Ikkoku

Well, if we've learned anything it's that living with strangers makes you smart, right? The guys tackle Maison Ikkoku, an anime about chasing your dreams as a ronin! Maybe, we aren't sure. Is there any gender-changing in this show? Nobody knows! Email us - theuninformedpod@gmail.com Series: Maison Ikkoku Episode: 5


Episode 41 - Xam'd: Lost Memories

The guys tackle their first ever listener request! Yes, we're watching Xam'd: Lost Memories, a show about terrorists and war and powerful objects... wait a minute. Is this just Gundam again??? You think you've escaped and they just snatch you right back up! Series: Xam'd: Lost Memories Episode: 13


Episode 40 - The Rising of the Shield Hero

Audio Alert! Apologies, folks. Curtis had a recording snafu and only grabbed audio from his headset mic, not his recording mic. The issue has been fixed for next week, but bear with us for this one. Sorry! More like Shield Fart Offline, am I right? The guys tackle another MMO-based anime with all the form changes and potion chugging that go with it. Did they like it? You'll have to listen and find out! Series: The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode: 11


Uninformed IRL: Detective Pikachu

In this spectacular sideshow of an episode, Curtis dons his trenchcoat and takes on a case. The case of the quality video game movie adaptation. That's right folks, time for a short episode detailing the brand new movie, Detective Pikachu! Spoilers start at around 10 minutes, but don't worry, Thanos warns you ahead of time. Movie: Detective Pikachu


Episode 39 - Death Note

We're back with a vengeance! The guys tackle Death Note, a show about a book that kills people. But we already knew that before watching, so what did we learn? Not much, honestly. Is this a good show? Well, it inspired a musical version, so it's got that going for it. Series: Death Note Episode: 5


Episode 38 - Revue Starlight

The guys take to the stage, singing and dancing their way to ultimate victory while tackling French culture? Maybe? It's Revue Starlight! A show that should definitely be called Starlight Revue, but who's complaining? (We are). Series: Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight Episode: 2