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DF017 Decoding Design Connection - Expressing relationships for more profound impact

Do your design creations speak at high levels that capture and engage attention and meaning? And are you consciously aware of the behavioral language expressed by your design? Join Maria Lorena Lehman in this very interesting episode to learn how you can set your work apart from the rest by unlocking the deeper meaning behind it through relationships and connections.To see the design discussed in this podcast episode, visit For more inspiration and...


DF016 Hybrid Design Techniques - Creating unexpected beauty and meaning

How often do you venture into other mediums that have the potential to change your design results? Hybrid design techniques, which include the digital and handmade, can evolve into design outcomes that you could not possibly predict. And this unexpectedness of beauty and meaning can make for very powerful design experiences. Join Maria Lorena Lehman in this exciting episode to learn how, through your work, you can bring greater excitement, experimentation, and newfound beauty.To see the...


DF015 Unfolding Design Narrative - Creating complexity without complication

Does your design guide its viewer or participant on where to look, and how to "travel" through the created design presented? In this episode of Design Futurecast, you will learn how to create an unfolding journey for your creation's audience to experience. This will increase its beauty, meaning, and purpose. Join Maria Lorena Lehman in this exciting episode to learn how, through your work, you can nurture and guide those that experience your design creations.To see the design discussed in...


DF014 Your Creative Lynchpin - Finding poetic authenticity in design

What is it about your creative work that will make its audience want to experience it again? And how do you actually design for this supermoment? Learn how to achieve more magical, and poetic, heights with your design creations whether you are an architect, designer, artist, filmmaker, or game designer. Join Maria Lorena Lehman in this exciting episode of Design Futurecast to get inspired (and get ideas) on how to really make your creations unforgettable. To see the design discussed in...


DF012 Filming Your Creativity - When journey outweighs destination

Once you get a fantastic design idea, do you rush to create it? Or do you savor the creative process? In this episode of Design Futurecast, you will learn how to see your design "flow state" through new eyes, to help you on your creative journey. As you will learn, it's all about better understanding of the twists, turns, and even risks taken during the creative process. Join Maria Lorena Lehman, to learn how this all can work for you. To see the design discussed in this podcast episode,...


DF010 Focusing for Design Impact - How tools impact what your design says to the world

Do you take your design tools for granted (without knowing it)? How do you explore your design challenge or the subject of your creation in a unique and innovative way? And do you use tools in a way that allows you to create work that speaks meaningfully to the world? Find new ways to create experiences that bring epic enjoyment, both to you while designing and to those that experience your work. This episode of Design Futurecast will open your eyes to new ways of seeing the critical...


DF009 Innovating Experiences of Nature - Unlocking an unforgettable architectural journey

What kind of relationship does your design creation have with nature? Do you learn from nature as you create your project? Do you incorporate nature's systems or beauty into your designs? Or do you showcase nature in new and unexpected ways? Often, re-presenting nature in entirely new ways can make your project go from evoking average to unforgettable experiences. Learn to unlock new opportunities that integrate the elegant beauty of nature into your work. Whether you are an architect,...


DF008 Creating Depth In Surface - Seeing your art, design, or writing through new eyes

How do you balance the details of creating a design, with the nuances of knowing how the design will feel to those that use it? This means understanding not only how to craft your creation, but also how to innovate the experience it provides. This episode of Design Futurecast is for anyone in the midst of a creative project. Discover how to see your design creation differently, so you can invent new ideas, tools, and processes for an even better ultimate design experience. All of this...


DF007 Ultimate Creative Paradox - (Un)editing your architecture, art, writing, or game design

Have you ever wondered about what your design creation looks like through the magnification of a camera lens? And beyond this...Have you ever considered what this has to do with the creative process? Whether you are working on the development of architecture, art, book, film, or game design, you will want to listen to this episode of Design Futurecast. Within it is a key paradigm that will help you to create more poetic works that become unforgettable experiences. Discover the ultimate...


DF006 Defying Gravity By Design - Creative habits that lead to breakthrough ideas

The number one question designers ask is about how to create a unique concept design. In this episode of Design Futurecast, Maria Lorena Lehman explores how to breakthrough design barriers and routine ways of thinking. After all, when creating your creative concept, how often do you uncover breakthroughs? Do you create to meet a deadline or certain quantity of works? And when doing so, how can you ensure that your creations are reaching their highest potential? Discover what it means to...


DF005 World-Building Constructs of Meaning - What creative artists, writers, and game designers must get right

When creating your work, how do you handle the complexity of its narrative? What kind of journey do you create for those that experience your designs? And how do you go about making an unforgettable impression? In this episode, Maria Lorena Lehman explores at the nexus of world-building, narrative, and experience design methodologies. By asking the right questions within these realms of thinking and creating, it becomes possible to make designs with emergent overarching behaviors. Explore...


DF003 Expanding Design Boundaries - Creative thinking like an artist or architect

Have you every wondered how you can improve your design work — so what you create is as good as, or better than, your initial design vision? Or have you wondered why your initial design vision or inspiration gets either amplified or silenced as you work to create what your design wants to become? In this episode, Maria Lorena Lehman explores such questions and provides insights to shift your mindset and skillset so your design works can achieve their highest potential. To see more of the...


DF002 Behavioral Dynamics of Design - From creative vision to concept and beyond

Do you ever design with motion? If yes, do you ever stop and question what information your design is revealing when in its most dynamic state? In this episode, Maria Lorena Lehman dives into such questions, to expand your design thinking about the dynamic behavior of design. For instance, how much can an artist/designer foresee when it comes to complex dynamic behaviors? And is the answer to this question good for your creative workflow? Explore these and other questions inside this...


DF001 Introducing Design Futurecast - Inspiring innovative ideas for all creatives

Design Futurecast is Maria Lorena Lehman's journey through design explorations and experiments. With elements of visionary time-travel...Every episode examines cutting-edge design investigations from a new perspective ― exploring the design experiment and its result in terms of 21st century impact. Learn more at