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Jennie Officer wants architects to justify their language, not dumb it down.

Jennie Officer’s life is immersed in architecture. She practices as co-director of Officer Woods Architects, teaches at the University of Western Australia and writes about architecture in the dead of night. From tongue-tied recent graduate to award-winning architect, Jennie reveals how she learnt to stand up, speak up and back up her opinions. Find out how open, honest collaboration can produce unbelievable results, how to call out gender bias and key communication tips that will save you...


Damian Thompson stays humble, humorous and human.

Ever had someone screaming at you in a community meeting? You need a few minutes with Damian Thompson, director of multidisciplinary design studio Lat27. He talks about being the eye of the storm and having stillness of mind...but who learnt those jedi skills at uni? Damian shares his refreshing take on the design industry - he’s successful yet humble. Hear about the botched presentation that’s etched into his memory, why everyone loves a volcano and how to reach every member of your...


Georgina Reid wants designers to become storytellers.

Georgina Reid never dreamed her online magazine The Planthunter would go viral. So when her heartfelt stories about people and plants connected with thousands of fans almost instantly, she was terrified. Five years, a book and many deep breaths later, she’s a confident, authentic voice in the design community. Georgina takes us behind the lush images, revealing the impacts of sudden fame and self doubt. How she’s learnt to let go of her head to write from the heart. What she’ll never forget...


Harry Partridge says the first rule of communication is to give up something of yourself.

Harry Partridge is a rare bird: a structural engineer with a creative soul. He ran his own firm Partridge Engineering for over 30 years, taking pride in delivering strong, safe buildings. But early on, Harry knew something was missing. So he went in search of inspiration, creativity and art in his life and in his work. Now with his firm Cultural Capital, Harry works with artists and developers to bring public art to new communities. And he wants to bring the arts into the education of young...


Tim Ross would rather listen to a drunken wedding toast than a TED talk.

Tim Ross is a comedian and design nerd. He’s leapt from the entertainment industry into the design world with a fresh perspective, dry humour and a love for mid-century Australian design. Tim knows how to keep it real, put you at ease and make any talk feel like you’ve known him forever. Find out how to use memory and stories to communicate ideas plus Tim’s practical tips for public speaking, TV and radio. timross.com.au themanaboutthehouse.net #manaboutthehouse #themidcenturyproject...


Tiffany Beamer keeps it simple and people-focused.

Tiffany Beamer is a self-confessed introvert - more of a lover than a fighter. She was the youngest partner ever made at OLIN and now leads their Los Angeles studio. Tiffany learnt how to stand her ground firmly but politely and put her case calmly, gaining authority and respect. Find out how she navigates boardrooms and construction sites as a young landscape architect and how her harshest design critic shaped her approach to communication. www.theolinstudio.com/philosophy/


Sacha Coles swears by the mantra: be yourself and know your work.

At 23, Sacha Coles had just finished uni. He had zero clients and no work, but big plans for the future. Now he’s a successful landscape architect and director of Aspect Studios, responsible for multibillion dollar projects across Australia. He talks about pitching his way up, honing his message, owning his ideas, impressing clients and winning their trust. Find out how he amps himself up before a big pitch and what he thinks are the biggest mistakes designers make when communicating their...