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Sustainability in the Country of Turkey with Emre Ilicali

Emre is from Istanbul, Turkey. After graduating from Bogazici University Civil Engineering Department, Emre completed Master of Science program in Engineering Management at University of New Orleans in He also has M.A. degrees in Financial Economics and Statistics. He is currently working on his Ph.D. Dissertation and he is a part-time faculty in Istanbul Technical University, Department of Architecture-Construction Sciences program. Emre has 14 years of experience working in several...


50 LEED Platinum Apartments with Jeremy Knoll

Jeremy is a designer with a deep passion for sustainable building, social equity, and service-learning. As a Project Manager with BNIM, he completed the Bancroft School Apartments, a Kansas City development of 50 LEED Platinum affordable apartment units with a large community-center, built based on a public interest design process with the local Neighborhood Association. He has built on the lessons from this and other projects to transform the architecture industry through developing a...


Austin Energy’s Sarah Talkington

Today’s episode features Sarah Talkington of Austin Energy. Sarah is a Texas native and has been a part of Austin Energy for over 13 years. She is a green building and energy expert and a recently minted LEED Fellow! Austin Energy offers year-round rebates and incentives to help offset the cost of making energy-efficiency improvements to homes or businesses in the Austin, TX area. Sarah Talkington manages the Commercial Austin Energy Green Building team. In this position, Sarah coordinates...


India's Green Building Progress with Deepa Sathiaram

Today’s episode features an interview with LEED Fellow Deepa Sathiaram. Deepa is a leading international green building, HVAC, and building systems design professional. Deepa has been named as one of "India's Top 15 Nature's Keepers" for actively spearheading India's green building movement. She was in the early USGBC LEED Fellow Class of 2013, and also is recognized as an India GBC Fellow and WELL Faculty. She founded En3 which has operations in the U.S., India, the Middle East, and...


Sustainability Leadership Within 87,000 Employee AECOM with Kim Lombard

Today’s episode features Kim Lombard. Kim's adaptability has allowed her to be part of a variety of project types which include education, healthcare, commercial, and federal. She has had a professional focus on sustainability and creating green buildings. She has developed an interest in how suitability of the built environment can affect the purpose for which projects are built. Kim sees projects through from scorecard development to the award of the LEED plaque. Her fluency with the...


Founding Partner at 7group, John Boecker

About the Episode In today’s episode we are joined by John Boecker. He is a green building expert with over 20 years of experience in the industry. John will be helping us understand some important things regarding green building and regenerative practice. He will also share with us his journey to becoming a green building expert. Stay tuned to learn more. Key Talking Points Getting to know John BoeckerJohn’s first green building projectJohn’s turning point in his careerWho does John...


Happy New Year & What I’ve learned in 100 episodes!

Today’s episode is a special one with Charlie Cichetti. Charlie shares a high-level summary of what he’s learned over the last 100 shows. And a big THANK YOU for being a regular listener of the podcast and HAPPY NEW YEAR 3 Reasons to Listen Why right now is a great time to join the green building movementThe importance of hopeCareer advice for those new to green building Full Transcript (available on the website) Show Resources Join our communityUse the code “GBMPODCAST” for $100...


Solutions for Meaningful Results with Alan Scott

About the Episode In this episode, we have Green Building professional Alan Scott. We will talk about the early days in Philadelphia and the early days with the living building challenge. Alan is a successful leader and works with many groups of individuals in the green building and sustainable sector striving for meaningful results. Tune in to this episode to hear more about Alan’s journey. Key Talking Points Getting to know AlanLiving in OregonAlan’s journey in...


Advocating for Green Building and Social Sustainability Adaption with Robert Phinney

About the Episode In this episode, we talked to Green Building Professional Robert Phinney. Robert is an architect specializing in creativity and sustainability. In this episode, we talk about his journey to green building and sustainability. Robert talks about his passion for creativity and what he does at the DLR group. He also talks about his turning point after learning about sustainability and the importance of the environment in design. Stay tuned to learn more about Robert’s...


“The Godfather of Green” – Jerry Yudelson

About the Episode In this episode, we talk to Green Building Professional Jerry Yudelson. Jerry is a prolific speaker, author and the first organizer of the Greenbuild conference; in 2011, he was named a LEED Fellow by the U.S. Green Building Council. Jerry talks about his career journey and roles in the green building movement. Tune in to this episode to hear more about Jerry’s experience. Key Talking Points Getting to know Jerry Jerry's mentorInvolvement in the US Green Building...


GBMS With Brenda Martens

Light House Building Centre’s Brenda Martens About the Episode In this episode, we visit with Brenda Martens. Brenda has worked in the building industry for over 25 years. She is a practitioner, educator, and advocate in the field of green building and sustainability. She is also the Director of Research and Collaboration for Light House Sustainable Building Centre. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Cascadia Green Building Council, is a past faculty member of the Canada...


Early LEED and Living Building Influencer Marni Jade Evans

About the Episode In this episode, we have Green Building professional Marni Jade Evans. Marni is a LEED Fellow. We will explore the early days around LEED when she was an Associate Green Building Consultant at Paladino and Company. Additionally, Marni will talk about early influences on the Living Building Challenge. Marni is a proud Canadian with dual citizenship. Tune in to this episode to hear more about Marni Jade Evan’s journey. Key Talking Points Getting to know MarniMarni’s...


Green Buildings and Public Health with Michelle Halle Stern

About the Episode In this episode, we have Green Building professional Michelle Halle Stern. The way Michelle grew up has a lot to do with what she does now, and she credits her mentor for that. Michelle grew up in Rockford, Illinois, which was the second largest city in Illinois. She started her career in Heroes Universe and architecture and got two degrees, one in civil engineering and other in architecture. Key Talking Points Getting to know MichelleMichelle’s journey into building...


Training Sustainable Leaders with Rob Fleming

About the Episode In this episode, we have Green Building professional Rob Fleming. The way Rob grew up has a lot to do with what he does now, and he credits his parents for that. Rob’s mom took he and his sister to Woodstock in 1969 so a lot of his early experience was being exposed to counter culture and alternative ways and finding a better way of moving forward with sustainability. Rob started gravitating towards sustainability and green buildings in undergrad school at Temple, and he...


Global Green Building Rating Systems Besides LEED and WELL

About this Episode Today’s episode is about training on LEED and Well in other countries. Charlie would like to get some feedback on the podcast from his listeners and he will provide some of the latest statistics from around the world. Take time to email Charlie at to share your feedback. Key Talking Points Intro to PSAShare Feedback w/CharlieStatistics for Green Building International Programs Links to several resources Key Milestones of the Episode [00:17]...


All about Green Building with Alan Traugott

About the Episode In this episode, we are honored to have Alan Traugott share with us his green building journey. Alan is one person who has a rich history and quite a different path from what many people have had. Back in high school, Alan was interested in oceanography. The most amazing thing about Alan’s journey is the fact in every step of his life; he has had a helping hand. He has worked with a good number of mentors, and he is currently a mechanical partner at CJL...


The Great Shift From Mechanical Engineering to Green Building with Chad Dorgan

About the Episode In this episode, we are humbled to have the Vice President of Quality and Sustainability at McCarthy, Chad Dorgan. Chad started out as a mechanical engineer and served the Air Force for four years. Chad shares with us how he transitioned from mechanical engineering to green building and much more. Listen and learn from Chad. Key Talking Points Chad’s introductionFrom mechanical engineering to Green buildingChad’s mentorsBuilding commissioningFrom commissioning to...


All About Waste with Denise Braun

About the Episode Imagine you are on a beach to have a relaxing moment, but the trash there triggers a turning point in your life. Our guest today tells us how waste on a beach changed her life for the better. We are humbled to have Denise Braun join us on this episode. Denise grew up in Brazil, and it’s incredible how her sustainability career started. She was having a good time at the beach when a flood came accompanied by so much trash that it raised the alarm for her. In 2001 she...


Gratitude and Intrapreneurship with Dean D'Angelo

About this Episode Dean D’Angelo joins Green Building Matters Podcast from South Florida and unpacks his background in sales, entrepreneurship, construction, and everything he is doing at GBES with Corporate Education. Dean is the Director of Corporate Education at Green Building Education Services. Key Talking Points Dean’s first focus on sustainabilityBackground in business and constructionMentors and AchievementsRoles in his journey to sustainabilityCorporate education and trainingPain...


Tips for Greenbuild (Conference & Expo) with Charlie Cichetti

About this Episode Today’s episode is about the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo. Charlie tells some stories from some of his past conferences as well as “pro tips” on how to get the most out of this event each year whether you are a first time attendee or have been to several! About 20,000 green building professionals from all over the world get together each year with rotating host cities/venues. This year’s Greenbuild will be at the Georgia World Congress Center, November...