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029: Brothers in Sustainability

Michael Cichetti, Director of Marketing and Sales at Green Building Education Services (GBES), joins Charlie Cichetti in this episode. Residing in Atlanta, with an entrepreneurial spirit, he is passionate about sustainability in the green building industry. Michael and Charlie are brothers and share the same passion for focusing on the green building movement and environmental sustainability. Michael Cichetti - Early Inspiration Growing up in Blue Ridge, Georgia, Michael fell in love...


028: Sustainability from North to South with Josh Radoff

Josh Radoff is a Senior Vice President at WSP. In today’s episode, he joins Charlie Cichetti to share his sustainability journey, including growing a respected green building consulting firm that has since merged with a larger company. Josh also discusses some pretty advanced projects he is working on and gets us thinking about what’s around the corner in this green building movement. Josh Radoff - The Origin Story Boston-born, Josh came from the East Coast, moved to Connecticut when he...


2018 Halftime Green Building Industry Trends

Today’s show is a special release. Host Charlie Cichetti takes some time today to pause halfway through 2018 and look at the Green Building Industry Trends he sees. Charlie discusses: Statistics in 2018LEED trendsWELL trendsAre the LEED exams changing? Resources from today’s show: International WELL Building InstituteFitWelGreen Building Certification, Inc. (GBIC) Connect with Charlie Cichetti and GBES: Charlie on LinkedIn Green Building Educational Services GBES on...


026: Sneeze Twice A Week, Energy Savings, and More w/ Bill Spohn

Bill Spohn is a mechanical engineer and the President and CEO of TruTech Tools. The company serves technicians in the HVAC&R and Energy Audit Industries by providing them with advanced tools and instruments. In this episode, he chats with Charlie Cichetti to discuss HVAC, Passive House, building science, and more. “I’m gonna commit to sneezing twice a week, and what I mean by that is: I want to spread the ‘germs’ of the idea of responsible use of energy and good home performance to one...


025: Green Building Matter with Hamoda Youssef

Part of the Qatar Green Building Council, Hamoda Youssef is also a member of the USGBC. An architect by heart, his journey in sustainable building started upon pursuing a European education. Now a proud member (and leader) of the LEED movement in his region, Hamoda shares with us how sustainability has become an integral part of his career. Sustainability in Education and Career Hamoda grew up in Cairo, Egypt, where he studied architectural engineering at Cairo University. His early...


024: Green From New Orleans to India with Daniel Dreher

Daniel Dreher, Founder and Principal of Tech Creation, joins Charlie Cichetti. Although primarily located at New Orleans, Daniel has projects in regions as far as India. Throughout his career, he has completed multiple projects with great partners and also has been able to overcome the challenges of hurricane Katrina. "Sustainability is a shift in consciousness. It's an evolution in our consciousness as individuals and as a collective. And when that starts to happen, other things start...


023: A Culture of Sustainability

Leslie Montgomery, Education Director at Green Building Alliance (GBA), joins Charlie Cichetti in this episode. Residing in Pittsburgh, she helps host events in the region to promote high-performance green buildings. Leslie is also an educator who shares the same love for teaching and sustainability as Charlie. “I am sort of one of those green building nerds who’s so much in awe of the people who innovated this industry and championed sustainability and green building.” - Leslie...


023: LEED and WELL Credentials: History + Statistics

In this episode, Charlie Cichetti talks about LEED and WELL history and statistics. Along with a bit of storytelling, he discusses the latest numbers, trends, and LEED professional exams. By listening in, he hopes you can take the next step towards becoming part of the LEED movement. “Maybe you have a colleague or a friend… or a student you know needs a little nudge to finally go ahead, study, take the exam, pass it, and advance their career.” - Charlie Cichetti LEED AP Exam: A...


022: Staying Ahead of All of The Certifications

LEED and WELL AP Lauren Wallace has been the Certifications Department Manager at Epsten Group since 2010. Her team has tremendous experience with Architecture (including Zoo Projects), LEED Consulting, Third-Party LEED Reviews, Commissioning, and more. Not just LEED, she is out in front with SITES, TRUE, and more rating systems/certifications. Today, she shares the story of her architectural journey as well as her love for a community running on sustainability, with our host, Charlie...


021: Nature-Adaptive Design

Fernando Arias is the Director of Sustainability at Clark Construction Group. The firm has been named as one of the greenest contractors in the US, with a tremendous amount of completed LEED projects. In today’s episode, Fernando shares with Charlie Cichetti the story of his colorful childhood that helped shape the sustainability-minded professional that he is now. A Child of Nature Colombia-born, Fernando was surrounded by the fertile land of the City of Eternal Spring. Coffee...


Environmental Awareness with Michael Bean

Michael Bean, Jr., LEED AP O+M, has always been environmentally aware. His passion for engineering and architecture has opened a lot of doors that advanced his career. Combined with his inherent concern for sustainability, he has managed to affect more people to become fellow stewards of the LEED movement. From HVAC to Property Management Michael worked his way up to where he stands now. He started out as a building mechanic during his early career. He eventually got into a hospital...


018: Jiving Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Becca Rushin has been Vice President for Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility for Jamestown since 2016. Her involvement in sustainability began with being outside a lot as she was growing up, taking a ‘Walking the Land’ class in college, and getting hooked with environmental literature. She is now as active in the campaign for green building as ever. “Look, I have never heard of this sustainability thing before but it makes a lot of sense… why would we not do things this way?” -...


017: WELL vs Fitwel: Rising Rating Systems

WELL and Fitwel are two programs gaining momentum in the marketplace for the Wellness Real Estate movement. They’ve been out for about three and a half years, setting up the standard for advancing health and wellness in today’s buildings. Charlie gives us cliff notes on what these programs are, the building types that are easier fits to each program in their current form, and how they can be used as guidelines in their own right. “This is where all the research shows we should be...


016: Asa Posner - Committing to the LEED Movement

Asa Posner has been in the sustainability realm for ten years. His career began with a curiosity in geology, which eventually led him to take environmental studies courses in college. Along with learning grew his love for the ecosystem, and now he has made it his life mission to make the built environment eco-friendly. “Let’s make the built environment better so that it’ll have less of an impact on the ecosystem.” - Asa Posner Asa Posner - A Not So Forward Path Asa remembers first...


015: On the Go with Green Building Education

Alyson Laura is an all-around Sustainability Maven, who seeks to evolve human success and planetary delight. She is currently the Director of Education for GBES. Her responsibilities include ensuring the highest quality product in their study materials, developing new on-demand webinar content, and staying updated on the latest green building trends and certifications. "Think bigger. Don't just get stuck at what other people are doing or what seems to work, challenge yourself to really...


014 Green Building Updates for 2018

Part of our job here at Green Building Education Services (GBES) is to stay out in front of the green building industry changes and then keep you updated on what you really need to know. LEED is really growing in the internationally. Apart from the United States, which has the highest number of LEED buildings (and professionals), there is rapid LEED growth in China, India, the Middle East, and Europe. Listen to this (short) Green Building Updates for 2018 episode, where we discuss major...


013: Follow the LEEDer with Stacie Stamper

Stacie Stamper is the Commercial Marketing Associate for CertaPro Painters of Duluth & Norcross. She has a diverse background, but she has always been an advocate for reducing construction’s carbon footprint by diverting construction and demolition waste from landfills. "The appreciation for things out in the industry … sitting in warehouses, storage units, garages … the things kept piling up … people didn’t want to throw them away, but they didn’t know what to do with them.” -Stacie...


012: Davis Richardson - Tiny House Affordable Housing

At the age of 25, Davis Richardson already accomplished much in his life. He is the Founder, Brand Manager, and Design Director of Nomad Design-Build. Recently, he published a book called Going Tiny: Failure + Opportunity in the Future of Affordable Housing. "The fact that it's been on tv shows means that people are looking for it. We should move forward, so that we won't miss an opportunity to live greener and more affordably. There are also design opportunities that we can maximize." -...


011: Michael Deane - Environmental Policies and NYC Buildings

Michael Deane is Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at Turner Construction Company. He is a LEED BD+C Accredited Professional, and a LEED Fellow. His responsibilities include developing and implementing sustainable policies and procedures for Turner’s national and international operations, green building training, operational oversight and sales. "Focus on the middle distance to see what's coming down the road, so you can say to people, 'Hey, this is going to be important,...


010: Evin Epstein - Environmental Policies and NYC Buildings

Evin Epstein is the Sustainability Analyst for SL Green Realty Corp, NYC’s largest commercial landlord. For the past few years, she has led teams in implementing green initiatives for 76 properties. The company has recently won multiple achievements including IREM's Sustainability Award for Workplace Environment, EPA Partner of the Year, and one of the first LEED v4 certifications in the United States. "There's been a big push with making sure that all of our plans and policies...