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It's Wood - A show about all things woodworking

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It's Wood is a show about all things woodworking from the tools we use, to the companies who make them and the artisans who use them. Remember, if its wood, we're good. Each episode I will talk with people from all aspects of wood, tools and woodworking.


Gresham, Oregon


It's Wood is a show about all things woodworking from the tools we use, to the companies who make them and the artisans who use them. Remember, if its wood, we're good. Each episode I will talk with people from all aspects of wood, tools and woodworking.






Colin Knecht - Wood Work Web - YouTube Woodworker

I am talking with Colin Knecht from Wood Work Web, we will discuss everything from hand tools to how he got started on YouTube as well as how he got into woodworking in the first place.


Colin Kenect - Wood Work Web - YouTube woodworker

I am speaking online with a great woodworking icon, I have followed exploits both through his videos on YouTube and his website wood work web. Yes I am talking about the great Colin kenect


Welcome to season 4 of it's wood

Welcome to season 4 of It's Wood - A podcast on all things woodworking. A short introduction to season 4


Dale Brotherton - Takumi Company - Japanese Woodworking

The Takumi Company specializes in Japanese design, carpentry, and construction. Dale Brotherton is going to discuss his journey to embrace the Japanese style of woodworking and how it is different from other forms and why he chose this path.


Gary Rogowski - Mastery Program at the NW Woodworking Studio

On today’s show we are talking with Gary Rogowski. Gary is a woodworker, an author and teacher. He operates the Northwest woodworking studio here in Portland Oregon. The mastery program at the studio has graduated some amazing woodworkers, I have had the privilege of having some of their graduates on my show. At the time of recording this we are still under the pandemic and staying apart and safe, this has made teaching woodworking down right difficult. But, Gary has been redesigning his...


Jeff O’Brien - Dogwood Design

Jeff O’Brien is a graduate of Gary Rogowski's Master program. An accomplished furniture designer and creator of impressive projects. He is going to talk about his woodworking journey and share some insights with us.


Bainbridge Artisan's Resource Network - Part 3 - Mary Anne - Woodworker

On this episode we close out our 3-part series on the Bainbridge Artisan’s Resource Network or BARN for short. We are talking to Mary Anne a woodworker who works here at Barn we will talk about her experiences here as well as how she joined Barn in the first place.


Bainbridge Artisan's Resource Network - Part 2 - Mike Morgan, shop lead

In part 2 of my series on BARN i speak to Mike Morgan the wood shop lead. He will talk about the wood shop at BARN and what it has to offer woodworkers new or experienced


BARN part 1 - Carolyn Goodwin - Marketing Manager

The Bainbridge Artisans Resource Network (BARN) is a place of creation, learning and networking with other artisans. Offering over 10 unique maker spaces with classes for anything from glass, textiles, cooking and of course woodworking as well as other crafts. In this 3 part series we will learn all about this institution located on Washington's Bainbridge Island. On this episode we speak to Carolyn Goodwin the marketing director to learn about how BARN got started and what it has to offer.


Marc Spagnuolo - The Wood Whisperer

Today we are going to talk with Marc Spagnuolo, also known as The Wood Whisperer. In my opinion he is one of the rock stars of YouTube woodworking and a master of his craft. Marc has also created an online project-based woodworking school where you can learn at your own pace from experienced instructors and become a part of a one-of-a-kind woodworking community.


Gary Rogowski NW woodworking studio

I am sitting down with Gary Rogowski director of the nw woodworking studio he has written and contributed to well over half a dozen books as well as a being a `frequent contributing author to several woodworking magazines in 1997 he opened the NW woodworking studio to share his experience and skills to those woodworkers seeking to advance their abilities in the wood shop This morning I will be talking to Gary about his school and the new online programs the school has developed to help keep...


Marv Vandermeer - Grown Forward

On this episode I speak with Marv Vandermeer of Grown Forward an organization dedicated to saving endangered tree species from extinction in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner, I connected with Marv via the internet from his home in Canada


Michael Angus Graybush - Soul Carver

Michael Angus Graybush is a self-proclaimed soul carver. Often using nothing but a carving knife he creates humorous faces and other character figures. A carpenter by trade until a medical emergency placed him in a position that required a new view on life as well as a bit of a career change.


Roper Woodturning

Today we will spend some time with Roper from Roper Woodturning. A master wood turner and teacher, Roper passes on his experience and skill to new students. Now Expanding into YouTube he has started making video tutorials of excellent quality of craft and design to share with everyone


Jeff Taylor - Woodworker and author

Jeff Taylor is a multi-book author, he has written for some of the top woodworking magazines. I am talking with him about woodworking, tools and a mind set for life we both share. We are talking online but someday I would love to visit his shop and talk for hours.


Gloria Wilson - Meraki Woods

Today I want to introduce you to Gloria Wilson of Meraki woods. Gloria is a long-time woodworker and sawdust therapy specialist according to her business cards. We will talk about her love of using recycled materials and what it is like to sell her items at gift shows We will also talk about how meeting people at these shows brings her such joy.


Brody Cousineau - Cousineau Wood Products

This time on it’s wood I am speaking with Brody Cousineau of Cousineau wood products over the internet. His company creates beautiful color laminated wood that I have been using for many years. The striking array of color combinations available make some great looking projects.


John Dupra - Revel Woods

I must admit I have never found wood flooring very fascinating, little did I know the amount of design, thought and passion that can go into it. Today I am here with John Dupra of Revel woods and he is going to take us into the realm of wood floors. I hope you find this as interesting as I do now


John and Anni Furniss - Makers

On this episode I am revisiting John Furniss also known as the blind woodsman. This time we are joined by john’s wife Anni. She is an artist who just made the jump to making art full time. We will talk about what’s new with John and Anni as well as life as a maker couple and a lot about life. If you have not listened to john’s first interview, please check it out.


Tracy Partridge-Johnson - Portland Pyrography

I have the great pleasure of sitting down today with Tracy Partridge-Johnson from Portland Pyrography. Pyrography is the technical term for wood burning, although it is so much more. Tracy takes this art to the level of a masterful artist.