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If its wood, we're good It's Wood is a show about all things woodworking from the tools we use, to the companies who make them and the artisans who use them. Remember, if its wood, we're good

If its wood, we're good It's Wood is a show about all things woodworking from the tools we use, to the companies who make them and the artisans who use them. Remember, if its wood, we're good
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Gresham, Oregon


If its wood, we're good It's Wood is a show about all things woodworking from the tools we use, to the companies who make them and the artisans who use them. Remember, if its wood, we're good






Ryan Temple - Sustainable Northwest Wood

Sustainability is a buzz-word being thrown around a lot today. Ryan Temple of Sustainable NW wood explains how his lumber yard serves both the woodworking community and the forests themselves and what sustainable should really mean.


John Furniss - The Blind Woodsman

Today you will meet John Furniss. John is a skilled wood turner who feeds his passion for woodworking by creating unique items that he sells to adoring fans. Another unique thing about John is that he is completely blind. I can hear your reaction now, how does a blind man do wood turning? Well john is going to tell us all about it.


Gary A. Leake - Woodworker

On this episode I am spending time with Gary Leake on whidbey Island A woodworker whose passion is to search the countryside for a special one-of-a-kind, piece of timber, be it cherry (a favorite), maple, walnut or cocobolo, that has character (meaning highly figured, tigered spalted, etc) and turn it into a finely engineered and ultimately beautiful piece of furniture, so unique it is considered a work of art.


Jonathan Glowacki - Portland Peppermill Company

Today I sit down and talk with Jonathan Glowacki of the Portland Peppermill Company. We talk about the bravery of starting a company to do something you are passionate about and how it feeds the creative soul. Jonathan has taken creating peppermills to an artistic place and his story is fascinating.


The Woman's Woodshop

On this episode we will hear all about the women’s woodshop in Minneapolis Minnesota. Founded by Jess Hirsch as a place for women and non-binary folks can learn shop skills in a supportive and non-discriminating environment. If you are not familiar with the term non-binary, it simply means a person who doesn’t identify as a specific gender. We will learn why this type of shop is important and how it all came to be.


Gary Martin of Martin Models

On this episode i'm talking to Gary Martin, Gary has been involved in woodworking for quite a few years and has worn many hate, pattern maker, wood shop teacher and so much more. He's going to tell us all about his journey starting woodworking at age 4 years old through today.


Port Townsend School of Woodworking part 3 - The Students

On the final part of my 3 part series on the Port Townsend School of Woodworking I am speaking to three students enrolled in the school. Brandon Denning, Chip Gaber and Sam Allison have begun their journey into woodworking and share some of the insights they are learning in this amazing school.


Port Townsend School of Woodworking Part 2 - Instructor Abel Isaac Dances

On part 2 of my 3 part series on the Port Townsend school of Woodworking I am talking to Abel Isaac Dances. Abel joined the School faculty in April 2011 and has since become the lead instructor in several of the Jim Tolpin design classes and the intensive Woodworking Foundation Course. We are going to hear about these courses and what it is like to be a teacher at this amazing school.


Port Townsend School of Woodworking Part 1 - Mike Rainey Ex Dir.

In Part 1 of a 3 part series I am speaking to Mike Rainey the Executive Director of the Port Townsend School Of Woodworking. Located in beautiful Port Townsend Washington on the historic ex-military base Fort Worden.


Christopher B. Wagner - Figurative wood carver

On this episode you will meet Christopher B Wagner a figurative wood carver who uses reclaimed lumber whenever he can. His carvings take the form of quirky, imaginative and playful figures. From a spaceman wearing a goat mask to a well-dressed man with a tortoise on his head. His works are in many galleries and his talents are many.


Michael D'Onofrio from Powermatic

This episode I am here in my home studio talking on skype with Michael D'Onofrio from Powermatic, I remember a Powermatic table saw in my grandfather’s wood shop back in the 60’s and since then I have seen their gold tools in many woodworking shops. I can’t wait to hear about their latest offering the 3520C lathe.


Inventia Designs - Buck O'Kelly and Suzanne Bonham

This episode is an interview with Inventia Designs, Buck O’kelly and Suzanne Bonham joined forces about 13 years ago and create beautiful new furniture together as well as restorations and modifications to existing furniture. The talent possessed by either of them compliments the other to become more than the sum of the parts. When Suzanne begins the design process and buck starts building the magic happens.


Gregory Miller of Gregory Miller Guitars

On this episode, I’m going to interview Gregory Miller of Gregory Miller guitars. He creates fine handcrafted classical guitars and There is simply no doubt that the art of the luthier is alive and thriving in this woodshop. The detail and love that goes into these instruments is truly amazing.


All about Rockler with Chris Nilluka

I sit down with Chris Nilluka, the manager of my local Rockler store. Rockler has been described as the woodworker's candy store and I agree. Chris will tell us how Rockler got started and all about what they carry and so much more.


Frank Howarth - Frank Makes

On this episode I'm talking to Frank Howarth, a talented woodworker and prolific YouTuber who has over 200 videos and nearly 400,000 followers on his channel Frank Makes. We will learn about how this all came to be.


John Economaki - Bridge City Tool Works

On this episode I talk with John Economaki of Bridge City Tool Works. His unique design sense is as impressive as the tools he produces. Bridge City Tool Works has been in business since the 80's and has created a following that has keeps his unique business model alive.


Jim Bromagem - Toy Maker

Jim Bromagem is a master toy maker. He create beautifully designed trucks, tanks, cars and so many other items. He sells his wares at gift fairs and we will hear all about how this works as well as his experiences with woodworking.


Gary Rogowski - Author and Director of The Northwest Woodworking Studio

Gary Rogowski talks about his new book "Handmade - Creative Focus in the Age of Distraction. A memoir and tale of his life's journey becoming a world class woodworker and teacher at his school The Northwest Woodworking Studio.


Terry Bostwick - Art furniture designer and artist

Terry Bostwick is an artist, designer and a master woodworker. His designs are inspired by nature and the world around him. I talk to him about some of these inspirations and how he became a masterful woodworker.


Steve Miller - House Parts recycler and historical Preservationist

On this episode I sit down with Steven Miller, owner of Hippo Hardware a rebuilder's paradise. He talks about taking a simple junk store into a Portland icon for antique hardware, plumbing and lighting brought back from the brink of the land fill. He also tells us about his view of the modernization of the local landscape and why this is not necessarily a good thing


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