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When Hospitality Cultivates Friendship- Jenn Davison [Ep. 24]

Today we are chatting with Jennifer Davison- she is a wife to Josh, Mom to 3 precious little girls, and one of our best friends in the world. We have both been so blessed by Jenn over the years, and we couldn't wait any longer before sharing her with you guys! Today we talk about the way we got to know one another, how the legacy of Jenn's Mom is visible in her home, and the way that her style has evolved over the years. We also get a little mush and a little silly, but if you like genuine...


Sip & Savor- Tiffany Bluhm [Ep. 23]

Tiffany Bluhm, author of the Never Alone trade book and Bible study, is a speaker and writer who is passionate about helping women come to know their value and purpose because of a loving, redeeming God. In a style that speaks to women right where they are, she shares insights from a life spent chasing after Jesus while walking alongside women from suburbia to the inner city, jails and brothels, and the slums of Kolkata. Tiffany speaks regularly at conferences and events, and writes for a...


This Gathered Nest- Angela Braniff [Ep. 22]

Angela is a wife and Mama to 7! You may recognize her from her popular blog or youtube account- This Gathered Nest. Today you'll hear us chat about: We also talk a bit about our continuing purging efforts, and how to embrace a home space that you love Where to find Angela online: blog l youtube l instagram l facebook Where to find April and Bayleigh: instagram l facebook l website


Creating Your Home's Purpose- Wynne Elder [Ep.21]

If you have a vision for how you want to do life in your home, but aren't sure how to get there- take heart! Today Wynne reminds that it's not about who we are, but who we are becoming. What a relief! The idea behind her family's "Purpose Statement" may be just what you need to put your dreams into action. Wynne is a wife and Mama to 3 precious kiddos. When we see anyone describe themselves as a "haven maker," we are pretty sure we can be friends. ;) We love her style, and love her heart....


Neighborly Attempts- Lance Nicholson & Justin Malone [Ep. 20]

Today on the podcast we are talking with, quite literally, our favorite people on the planet. We were wanting a male perspective on the home, and we could think of no one more qualified than the Nestled Men- our husbands! We gave Lance (April's husband) and Justin (Bayleigh's husband) literally no prep or time to back out on us. ;) That means what you hear today from them is pretty off the cuff and honest. We chat about a wide variety of topics, including: -What's the most awkward thing...


Cozy by the Sea- Leslie Spencer [Ep 19]

Today we are chatting with Leslie Spencer! Leslie is a wife and mom of 2, who is finally feeling settled in their 11th (!) married home. She is a fierce advocate for the marginalized, and has inspired us by her boldness in going against the grain with such grace. Today you'll hear us chat about: You'll also hear April and Bayleigh do love it or leave it (because, sorry, we forgot to do it with Leslie!), and as always, we share what we are thankful for this week. Where to find Leslie...


Listener Questions 1.0: Business as Friends & Hospitality

Today we are tackling our two most common listener questions: What is it like to run a business together as friends? How do you host when it doesn't come naturally to you? (and yes, we do nerd out on personality types in this episode.) Enjoy this conversation from an Enneagram 7 ENFP + Enneagram 1 INTJ. ;)


It Takes a Village- Rachel Baxter [Ep.16]

This week we chat with Rachel Baxter. She is a mom of six passionate about helping vulnerable children and living out that calling daily. We loved hearing about Young Lives and we are excited for more people to learn about this ministry, so that you can get involved in your area. Where to find Rachel online: instagram | website | facebook Where to find April and Bayleigh online: instagram | website | facebook


Jesus is Better than the Super Bowl- Matti Gresham [Ep. 15]

We love our new friend Matti Gresham, and we think you will too! Matti is wife to Clint, a Mama-to-be, speaker, writer, photographer, and pretty darn hilarious. Be warned- there is lots of giggling in this episode! You'll hear us chat about: Matti has great style, both in fashion and design, so be sure and check out her blog and instagram! Links Mentioned: Matti's Inspirations Emily HendersonAmber InteriorsBrady TolbertStudio McGee Hygge Where to find Matti Online: instagram l...


Seasons of Grace- Jamie Ivey [Ep. 14]

Yep- you read that right! By popular demand, we give you our chat with Jamie Ivey. Jamie is a wife to Aaron, and mom to 4 kids. She's also a podcaster (The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey), speaker, and most recently- author! Her first book- If You Only Knew: My Unlikely, Unavoidable Story of Becoming Free is releasing TODAY! On this episode with Jamie, we chat about: We also introduce a new segment- love it or leave it, and tell Jamie why she was a perfectly appropriate guest on our show....


A Slob Comes Clean- Dana K. White [Ep. 13]

The format of this episode is a little different, but we are so excited to share it with you! We are talking with Dana K. White of A Slob Comes Clean. Dana is a wife and mom of 3 who is also a de-cluttering expert. She shares her tips via her blog, podcast, and books... but she also is sharing some great encouragement here today! One thing we love about Dana so much is her honesty with her own struggles with housekeeping- hence the name of her blog and podcast, "A Slob Comes Clean." We...


The Fellowshop- Annie Persinger [Ep. 12]

Annie Persinger is a home schooling mom of 4 who turned her passion into action by opening the Fellowshop. Through the Fellowship, Annie makes and sells baby teethers and teething necklaces for moms. She then donates proceeds to local organizations involved with orphan care. We also were able to chat with Annie about her recent living room reno, her advice to other young moms (spoiler- creative storage!), and how she suggests you find your own style. Links mentioned: Big & Little...


Life in a Renovated RV- Ashley Petrone [Ep. 11]

On today's podcast we talk with Ashely Petrone of Arrows and Bow. Ashley and her family moved from their 5 bedroom house in Southern California into a renovated RV. While they plan to eventually build a home on the land where the RV now sits, they are "finding joy in the in-between." We asked Ashley to dish on questions we were curious about, including: We also chat about the hardest part of living in the RV with a family of 5, and how this experience will shape their lives moving...


Ringing in 2018- April & Bayleigh [Ep. 10]

Bayleigh and April say cheers to some of the most helpful things in their lives during 2017, discuss upcoming design trends, and discuss their "one little word" for 2018.


The Legacy of Our Homes- Francine Ivey [Ep. 09]

We will warn you this is a heavy episode- but so full of hope and strength! Francine Ivey and her husband Wade were married for almost 27 years when he was tragically killed in a car accident this past January. Francine soon found herself taking the reigns of their ministry- Consumed By The Call. She has faithfully done a live devo each day since! In this episode we hear hear from Francine on: Bayleigh and April also talk about some women that they are continually inspired by, and a...


Your Enneagram Coach on Design Styles- Beth McCord [Ep. 08]

Wow- we were so excited to have the chance to talk with Beth McCord! She is an expert on all things Enneagram, and we kind of want to pick her brain about ALL THE THINGS. Today she gives us a description of each of the 9 Enneagram Types, and how those characteristics likely affect their design style. We are so thankful for her sharing her insight with all of us! Be sure to join us over on instagram and tell us if this description is accurate of your style! Links mentioned: Free...


Light 'Em Up- Courtney DeFeo [Ep. 07]

Are you guys getting excited for Christmas? We sure are over here, especially considering we have been doing Christmas Styling for clients since the first of November. ;) As we head deeper into this holiday season, we didn't want to pass up the opportunity to encourage you guys (and ourselves) to be intentional with loving those around us. Enter Courtney DeFeo and her super practical movement that she started called Light 'Em Up! We chat with Courtney about -What Light 'Em Up is -When...


Ladies of Main Street Pt. 3: Nan Jemison [Ep. 6]

Happy Thanksgiving! We are wrapping up our series "Ladies of Main Street" with the much anticipated Mama Nan! Nan Jemison is a pastor's wife, mother of 3, grandmother of 4, and owner of Buttons and Bows in Lucedale, MS. "As soon as someone walks in the threshold of your home, the relationship changes." We discuss: -Her move to a much smaller house -Whether she intended to own a children's boutique -Her advice to young moms -Her love of pastels and florals -What she finally decided...


Ladies of Main Street Pt. 2: Bailey Jamison [Ep. 05]

For part 2 of our "Ladies of Main Street" series, we are talking with Bailey Eubanks! Bailey is a wife, mom, and owner of Bai Boutique. We discuss: -How she transformed her 30 year old home, that formerly had glitter popcorn ceilings -Her life on the farm with her boys -Her opinion on seasonal decorating -How she became the owner of a clothing boutique in her early 20's -Her love of all things farmhouse -More happy tears over life growing up in the Jemison home We also talk about...


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