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I'm back, and I brought a friend along | Art Lessons Podcast Season Three

Yes, it's been awhile, but the Art Lessons podcast is back in operation, and a little healthier than before. This episode is unlike any you may have heard hear before, but I promise you'll enjoy it, because I brought my friend Adam Luedicke (loo-di-kuh) from The Poster List. I encourage you to hang out and listen in on what we share. LINKS: The Poster List - Adam on Instagram - Support the Show - http://patreon/daveconrey


Run your business like a business | Art Lessons Podcast Season Two Finale

Welcome to episode 20, and with that, the end end of Season 2. After this episode, I’ll be taking a short hiatus of a couple weeks, and when I return, there will be much more hotness, but we’ll get to that in the episode. What you really need to know is that many of the online platforms we use are making tremendous changes to their algorithms and policies. At first glance, you make think this is to your detriment, but I can assure you it’s not. Yes, it may be tougher to get your work into...


The Lady in the Window | Art Lessons Podcast, Episode 008

What if the thing that helps us make a big statement isn't thinking outside the box, but rather, thinking more inside the box? What if we've been looking at this journey all wrong, and we need to shift that perspective in a way that we've avoided. Question of the Day: "What do you think of Patreon, and do you know who is successful on this platform." RE: Sandra Kidd - Instagram: Artist of the Day: Pat Cantin...