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Mike Monteiro and Leah Reich of Mule Design talk mostly about design and how to do it, with a few tangents along the way.

Mike Monteiro and Leah Reich of Mule Design talk mostly about design and how to do it, with a few tangents along the way.
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San Francisco, CA


Mike Monteiro and Leah Reich of Mule Design talk mostly about design and how to do it, with a few tangents along the way.






300 Brannan St. #410 San Francisco, CA 94107


59: The One Where We Say Goodbye to Katie

For 59 episodes Katie Gillum was the wind beneath our winds, she steered our ship faithfully and kept us on target. Today we say goodbye to her as she leaves the nest to soar towards her own glorious destiny. Also, if you stay until the end there's a surprise.

58: Rape & Cheesecake

On today's show Mike and Katie discuss the difference between rape jokes and threats, why neither are funny and why Daniel Tosh is a dim-witted hack. Also, Mike hates flavored cheesecake. And at some point a design question gets answered.

57: The Dictator of Science

Mike and Katie talk cultural assumptions and basements in San Francisco, designing for designers, and the trouble with science and other closed communities talking to the rest of the world.

55: Mike Learns How Not To Defame

Mike and Katie are joined by the titular lawyer of My Lawyer Gabe and co-host of Running from the Law to talk about the whole mess surrounding The Oatmeal, online defamation, trolling, and what the hell happens on the internet.

54: The Episode Paul Begged Us Not To Air

Mike and Katie team up with Amy Jane Gruber and Paul Kafasis, in town for WWDC, to talk about nerds, circumcision and why Paul is fighting with Phil Schiller.

53: The One Where Katie Says "Fuck"

Mike and Katie talk more about research and Katie gets mad and says fuck, which you’ll hear because we don’t censor the show anymore.

52: Internet Culture 201: Gender, Discrimination, and Dickish Parts of the

Mike and Katie are joined by [Faruk Ateş](https://twitter.com/#!/kurafire) to discuss Brogramming culture, discrimination, allies, and savior complexes.

51: Salad Bar Etiquette and the Meaning of Death

Could Let's Make Mistakes subject matter get weirder, less cohesive, and less about design? Mike and Katie are here to say a resounding yes it can get weirder in this episode as they talk about the psychology of public confrontations, about the Talk Show move to Mule Radio Syndicate, and about not just "doing what the client wants." And when Mike starts ruminating on meaning of death and dying, Katie responds with a recitation of W. H. Auden. We told you it was weird.

50: Abandonment Issues and Identity Crises

Mike and Katie talk about Katie's immense sense of loss of her home team and nothing about beards for their 50th episode of Let's Make Mistakes. They also discuss a regular issue in design circles: whether designing something makes you a "designer," what design is, and how annoying having to talk about self-definition too much is. Please visit http://muleradio.net/mistakes/50/ for links discussed during this episode. This episode sponsored by Spendings Spendings is a simple, easy to use,...

49: Making LIVE Mistakes

Mike and Katie broke out their best clothes and the swear jar to record Let's Make Mistakes in front of a live studio audience in San Francisco. They discuss how to do your best design work regardless of what type of design work you do and when you happen to realize what the best solution is. And they start a discussion about the issue of Brogramming in the tech industry and being responsible for your work. There is an awful lot of talk about breast feeding, and few special guests. Please...

48: Dining or Designing Alone

Mike Monteiro and Katie Gillum present their shortest Lets Make Mistakes ever. They talk about Moneyball, Jonah Hills diets, and doing things alone like going to a movie and/or designing things. They have very strong feelings about the new Brooklyn Nets design and the public reception of the direction. The show itself is so short in part because they are saving some of the super cool stuff they recorded for an even more amazing show in a few weeks and, in other part, in anticipation of...

47: There's No Shaming in Design

Mike Monteiro and Katie Gillum do battle against passive-aggressive behavior in client services. Mike gets super mad, and Katie looks forward to wading through the hate mail. They also discuss the varied glories of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and "how much is too much" of your personality online. Mike's NPR voice is back too. Enjoy. Please visit http://muleradio.net/mistakes/47 for links discussed during this episode.

46: Getting Straight to Design

Katie tries to get straight to the design part of the show, and Mike waxes poetic about the most popular boys names in the UK. They discuss the delicate balance of research and relationship management you need to use when deciding to work with clients and deciding when you need to not work with them anymore. They also talk about their graduate school experiences and their application to their current jobs. Please visit http://muleradio.net/mistakes/46 for links discussed during this episode.

45: "Teaching Clients" and Gendering Pets

In this episode of Let's Make Mistakes, Mike asks Katie the eternal question "have you ever seen a dog doing a cat?" While somehow being more interested in pet reproductive behaviors than ever and creating the concept of "Paula Deen Brain," they delve into the problems of thinking you can "teach" your clients and messed up attitudes toward research. Please visit http://muleradio.net/mistakes/45/ for links discussed during this episode. This episode sponsored by MLKSHK MLKSHK.Save the...

44: One Year of Mistakes Down

After nearly 365 days on the internet airwaves, Mike Monteiro and Katie Gillum look back at what mistakes they have wrought and discuss the process of writing about your work while you still have to *do* your work. In their walk down memory lane, they flashback to an old deleted scene from a show that illustrates Mike's regional difficulties with pronunciation.

43: Meet Matt Haughey

With Katie away from making mistakes for a week, Mike invites Matt Haughey and Jessie Char for a conversation about Disneyland, business strategy, and BENGAY.

42: Another Stupid RFP Process

Mike and Katie discuss why RFP processes are stupid and lead to bad work.

41: One Time in a Card House with Stephanie Morgan…

Stephanie Morgan, game designer to the game stars, stops in to chat with Mike and Katie about hot spots, self-flagellation, and not about casino buffets. When they have a few minutes, they discuss "gamification" in it's most meaningful as well as its most useless forms. Stephanie shares her past as a professional card player and some deep analysis of gameplay. This show rocks. As a bonus, Katie doesn't actually throw up in this episode, but Mike tries his hardest to instigate.

40: Let's Fight!

Katie asks Mike why he enjoys picking fights on Twitter so much.

39: Pride and Responsibility

In this week's episode of Let's Make Mistakes, Mike and Katie talk about handling repercussions of your past work relationships and designer's responsibility when they run into a project or an idea they don't like. The theme song of the week is Iron Man.