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TCS 012 Becoming a better conversationalist with Aurus Sanchez

I'm always curious as to how creatives can use social media better to promote their work and get attention, in this episode I chat with Aurus Sanchez from @ConversationGuru on some tactics we can use to stand out on social media. Please enjoy this episode, with Aurus Sanchez What we chat about in this episode: Links & Places mentioned in this episode: Gary Vaynerchuk Get in touch with Aurus Sanchez. The Conversationalist websiteInsta Page- Conversation GuruAurus on YoutubeAurus's...


TCS 011 - Treating Your Passion as a Fulltime Job with Justin "Nomad" Badenhorst

It's rare that an artist, however talented, get's to travel with their work for exhibiting or performing and even rarer for an artist to do it twice, the refreshing nature that Justin shares stories of travelling as both a professional drummer and a street artist made this one of the longest and most enthralling interviews I've done yet. Justin started drumming as a teenager and after returning home from fine tuning his drumming skills through a Masters in Performance in New York, he...


TCS 010 – Rehahn Croquevielle's Precious Portraits & Creating with a Connection

One of the coolest people that my wife and I met in SE Asia while on our sabbatical was Rehahn Croquevielle, a super friendly photographer who we bumped into while in his shop and after only a few minutes of chatting invited us to join him at his favourite coffee shop in Hoi An the next morning. French born Rehahn is a world renowned photographer and one of the most featured in recent years with his incredible portraits of local Vietnamese people, where he now lives. He's been rated...


TCS 009 – Creative Education and Sustainable Design with John Hardy

There are few people that you meet that completely make you look at life anew and make another way of living seem so fresh and easy to adopt. As far as creativity and entrepreneurial thinking goes- we all wish that our schooling could’ve been a head start rather than having to unlearn the reactive industrial age thinking before been able to succeed with new projects John's a Canadian born creative who found his way to Bali in 1975 and intrigued by Bali's artisan tradition he started...


TCS 008 – Life as a Reluctant Artist with Anastasia Pather

Anastasia Pather is a semi abstract, finger painter, a frequently distracted thinker and an uninterrupted female. Ana describes herself as a reluctant artist, a term that helps her focus on her process and not already being who you're hoping to become. Her art is large format paintings, typically containing gold leaf and mostly all painted with her hands. What we chat about in this episode: Links & People mentioned in this episode:. Social Media Driven Art The artist El Anatsui Yves...


TCS 007 – Making an Impression with Gareth Pon

Gareth Pon believes that everyone should have at least one ridiculous dream they believe can come true and since he can remember, his has been to go to space. Growing up, he maintained his dream of space travel and avoided it becoming a career, he opted out of becoming an astronaut and chose to be a film maker and photographer instead. Gareth was named Africa's top Instagrammer of 2014, 2015 & 2016 by the African Blogger Awards and is the founder of the South African Instagramers...


TCS 006 – The Power of Time Off with Chanel and Stevo from How Far From Home

Two creative thinkers, Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger quit their jobs in corporate advertising to see how far from home they could really get, both physically and figuratively. They put together a wanderlist and encouraged anyone and everyone to add to it and they’ve been exploring and creating since early 2015. Their inspiring story and […]


TCS004 – An Origami Inspired Lifestyle with Ross Symons

Ross Symons is a full time origami artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. He was working a nine-to-five job as a web developer at a big multinational agency when he started a little project: 365 days, 365 origami art pieces. It unfolded into a successful new career and today he is South Africa’s most well-known origamist. In this episode you will learn: Advice for breaking out to do your own thing. Why starting a passion project is better than starting a business. Using Origami to...

TCS003 – Gamifying your Creative Practice with Audrey Anderson

Audrey Anderson creates art in an illustrated or graphic novel-inspired way. Drawing from everyday moments, like getting dressed, going to work or making coffee which are normally seemingly forgettable acts. For most of us, they have simply become automated must-dos. Yet, they make up most of life and shapes patterns, identities, personalities and relationships. In this episode you will learn: Staying motivated by gamifying your practice. Why it's important to wait your turn. What the...

TCS001- Establishing an Identity & Staying Inspired with Sindiso Nyoni

In this episode of The Creative Slice Podcast, I chat with Sindiso Nyoni on establishing an identity, staying inspired and creating work that makes a riot. In this episode you will learn: Self Initiated projects The importance of design principles in your art The unlikely thing you’ll learn from mentoring younger artists How you can find inspiration through seeking the purpose of your art Research vs excecution THe most important thing to do before your excecute A diferent definition of...

TCS000 – Welcome to the Creative Slice Podcast

This introduction episode is to give you folksan idea as to what you can expect from future podcast episodes. I'll talk about the frequency of the show, the average length as well as who you can expect to hear from in upcoming sessions. If you haven't already, subscribe to the show on iTunes to be notified each time a new episode comes out. Keep in touch with us via social media, Instagram and Twitter are probably the best to stay in the loop.