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Fashion Photographer Simbarashe Cha

Simbarashe Cha (@simbarashecha) has made fashion photography his life and his work, creating images for Carolina Herrera, shooting for Vogue Italy, W Magazine, and so many more world-renowned brands. He joins us to talk about his move into photography (and the finance and customer service work that preceded it), the launch of his blog, Lord Ashbury, and how he chose to embark on his work as a “fashion recorder.”


Tutes: Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer

Jose Tutiven, also known as Tutes (@tutes), dove in head first to the worlds of photography and videography, and has recently made the transition into film photography. Needless to say, he’s no stranger to career transitions and leaps of faith. He joins us in the studio to talk about how, and when, he’s decided to make the next major career jump, how he left a 9-to-5 career behind to pursue freelance photography full-time, and how he finds and chooses collaborations that burst with...


The Photographer's Roundtable - Landscape

In this special episode directed by AdoramaTV’s Sal D’Alia (@timbuz), photographers Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard), Pete McBride (@pedromcbride), Jacob Riglin (@Jacob), Erin Babnik (@erinbabnikphotography), and Keith Ladzinski (@ladzinski) join a panel discussion moderated by Kishore Sawh (@kishsawh) to have an open and honest conversation about the state of photography. Listen in on these greats discussion their passions, their business, and what they make of the photography world as it...


Chloe Ramirez: Lifestyle Photographer

Sacramento-based lifestyle photographer Chloe Ramirez (@chloeramirezphoto) makes emotion her priority when it comes to capturing couples and families. She joins us in the studio to talk about her first photography job, where she shot families at her local mall, how she actively avoids “Pinterest-inspired sessions,” and how she figured out the type of subject she wanted (and didn’t want) to photograph.


Colby Brown: Landscape, Travel, Humanitarian Photographer

Colby Brown's career journey started with a love for travel. Now, the landscape, travel, and humanitarian photographer, and Sony Artisan has expanded his brand to include philanthropy, education, and branding, and joins us to talk about the biggest mistakes creatives make on social media, how saying "no" to projects can be a productive branding decision, and what beginner photographers should do to pay it forward.


Brooke Shaden: Fine Art Photographer & Self-Portrait Artist

Brooke Shaden (@brookeshaden), is an artist, who “happens to use a camera,” she tell us in this episode, where she reveals how putting herself in the frame, and behind the camera, has forced her to confront her mission as a photographer. She reveals how she creates her whimsical and abstract images, why she’s so open and revealing about her entire process, and why being uncomfortable has been a running theme throughout her career.


Vanessa Joy & Rob Adams: Wedding Photographers & Videographers

Vanessa Joy (@vanessajoy) and Rob Adams (@robadamsfilms) have built a successful boutique wedding photography and wedding business, respectively, and you’ve regularly seen their work featured on AdoramaTV. Now, the husband and wife team join us in a candid cchat about collaborating on wedding projects, what frustrates them the most while capturing these once-in-a-lifetime moments, and what they wish all creatives knew about branding their own businesses.


Elena Blair: Family & Newborn Photographer

Seattle-based photographer Elena Blair (@elenasblair_photography) has built a powerful brand around her newborn and family work, and has been sharing her passion and tips with photographers throughout her workshops and speaking engagements. She joins us to talk about her move to photography (after leaving her nursing career), how she developed her unique style, and shares tips on what photographers need to know about marketing their brand for success.


Alex Stead: Travel & Adventure Photographer

Alex Stead (@nikon_photography_) has been traveling the world, photographing some of the most notable vistas around the planet, and has reached more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram to date. He joins us to chat about his travel work, how he got his start on Instagram and built up his audience, his partnership with Nikon, and how he left university to pursue his photography career full time.


Sybylla Smith: Curator, Gallerist, Educator

Sybylla Smith (@jsybylla) is a curator, consultant, and the teacher behind her curriculum, Concept Aware, who has worked with photographers and artists to develop exhibitions and help them refine their work. She joins us to chat about how creators should go about putting together their artist statements, how portfolio critiques can help develop your work, and what she wishes younger creators did at the start of their careers.


Photoville Part 2: Patricia Lay-Dorsey (Grandma Techno)

In this second installment from Photoville 2018, we sit down with Patricia Lay-Dorsey (@patricialaydorsey), who became internet famous as “Grandma Techno” thanks to her love of the Detroit electronic dance music scene. Now, she joins us to chat about her latest photography project — an intimate look at life in the hospital as she battles multiple sclerosis — as well as her love of the “ordinary” and how we can all capture our own stories.


Photoville with Miranda Barnes, Taslima Akhter, and Sarah Blesener

Guests include: Miranda Barnes (@mirandarbarnes), a Leica photographer focusing her work on underrepresented populations. Taslima Akhter (, whose most recognized work came through her documentation of the 2013 Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh, and Sarah Blesener (@sarahblesener), a documentary photographer whose work has merged youth culture and politics, and has focused on patriotism vs. nationalism.


Natalie Amrossi: Aerial & Fine Art Photographer

Natalie Amrossi (@misshattan) has taken to the skies, the roads, and most recently, the seas for her photography, and her aerial images have showcased New York City like never before. She joins us to chat about her move from finance to full-time photography, her favorite global spots to photograph, and her upcoming year-long nomadic photography journey. Check out Natlie's IG @Misshattan


Erin Sullivan: Travel & Adventure Photographer

Erin Sullivan (@erinoutdoors) found a love for the outdoors from an early age. Since then, she’s led group outdoor adventures, traveled the world, and began to capture all of her journeys on her blog, She joins Adorama to chat about her love for all things on-the-road, her marketing success with her brand, and how her unconventional journey naturally led her back to photography.


Tony Gale: People & Portrait Photographer

Tony Gale (@tonygalephoto) has been a people and portrait photographer for decades, and has been involved in the photography community for years through his work as the APA national president and his teaching career. He sits down to talk with us about his role as a Sony Artisan of Imagery, his advice to up-and-coming photographers looking to break into the market, and his ever-growing list of passion projects.


Deborah Shaffer: Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker

Deborah Shaffer has been a documentary filmmaker for more than 40 years, and counts multiple awards, including an Academy Award, and nominations among her many honors. Her documentary subjects have spanned the world of social justice, and have covered everything from human rights to war, and many other worlds in between. Today, she joins us to chat about her journey as a female filmmaker, the rising tide of documentaries, and her latest project. "Queen of Hearts: Audrey Flack.”


Kent Miller: Portrait, Fashion & Commercial Photographer

Kent Miller (@kmstudio) has been in the industry for nearly three decades, and counts Macy’s, the James Beard Foundation, and other clients as some of his biggest and most prominent projects. He joins us to chat about his love of film, his mission to get his hands on all 5x7s, and the upcoming Nikon announcement.


L’Amour Supreme: Artist & Mishka Designer

L’Amour Supreme (@lamoursupreme) has created some of the most memorable illustrations, murals, and artwork around New York City and beyond. He joins us to chat about his most exciting collaborations, how he made the move to a full-time artist career, and how he finds inspiration throughout the city, in pop culture, and everyday moments.


Steven Irby: Street Dreams Magazine Co-Founder & Street Photographer

Steven Irby, mostly known as @stevesweatpants, has made it big as a New York City street photographer, and is the director and co-founder of Street Dreams Magazine. In this episode, he joins us to chat about how his journey to photography involved a few spills (and many video games), and what really goes into producing his sought-after print magazine.


J.N. Silva & Kevin Ornelas: Sony Alpha Collective Members & Photographers

J.N. Silva (@jnsilva) and Kevin Ornelas (@kevin.ornelas) have made their mark on the Instagram world. In this episode, they chat about the divide between professionals and influencers, the next medium we should all be joining, and how they’ve stayed current with the latest photography and social trends.