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Prince McClinton on Content, Balance & Reflection

Prince McClinton (@wonderboyprince) joins us for the second time to chat about what it means to test and experiment with content, how pausing has changed his workflow, and why his recent reflections have made him more appreciative of community.


Gavin Hoey: Photographer & Instructor

Gavin Hoey (@thegavinhoey) is a portrait photographer, an Olympus ambassador, an AdoramaTV host, and so much more, and has a career that’s included mentoring and educating the new generation of photographers. He joins us to chat about what goes in to creating each of his instructional videos, how he transforms his working studio for any situation, and, most recently, his guest hosting appearance on the new episode of the “Top Photographer Challenge with Nigel Barker."


"Tutes" Tutiven: On Authenticity & Memorable Images

Jose “Tutes” Tutiven has been on a mission to photograph true and honest subjects, and has developed his own authentic images and look through memorable experiences. For the second time in our show’s history, he joins us to chat about his career, this time showing his method of finding talent and collaborators, and his latest transition into film photography and how his clients’ response.


Clair Popkin: Cinematographer

Clair Popkin has served as cinematographer on films, documentaries, and commercials. Most recently, he worked on the Oscar-winning and Emmy-nominated ‘Free Solo,’ and joins us to chat about filming Alex Honnold’s climb of El Cap, and what’s next in his adventure-seeking goals.


Anya Anti: Fine Art Photographer

Anya Anti has defined her unique style of surreal, fairytale-like, and thought-provoking images. She joins us to chat about her process for creating each one of her images — and the post-production work that goes into it — and how she embarked upon a photography journey that included building her creative vision, finding a signature style, and developing award-winning creations.


Becca Roth: Award-Winning Indie Filmmaker

Becca Roth has been directing narrative and documentary films for years, on topics and events that have shaped history and covered the nuance of everyday life. She joins us to chat about her current project, Book of Ruth, how she takes her projects from brainstorming to distribution, and the often non-spoken-about work that goes into a longterm feature.


Roxy Rodriguez: Fashion Photographer

Roxy Rodriguez (@rocksea) became a fan favorite on Top Photographer With Nigel Barker, and now she joins us to chat about her guest appearance on the latest episode of Top Photographer Challenge. The fashion photographer chats about why she was inspired to send in an audition for the first season of Top Photographer, how her approach to photography and work has changed in the years since the show debuted, and gives advice on what you can do to win the newest challenge.


Morgan Cooper: Director

Morgan Cooper (@cooperfilms) received viral recognition earlier this year for his modern-day retelling of the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air." In his "Bel-Air" trailer, he reimagined the '90s show in current times, and found support from viewers, fans, and even Will Smith himself. He joins us to chat about what it means to take on such a well-known project, how he encourages young creatives to "hack" their craft, and how he uses lighting to "paint" the scene he's creating.


Rob Greer: Los Angeles Photographer & SEO Expert

Rob Greer is a professional wedding, portrait, and event photographer based in Los Angeles. But on top of that, he’s an SEO expert and founder of Good Gallery, which helps photographers master their online portfolio. He joins us, live from Inspire, to talk about what it takes to build a successful website, what photographers can do to make search their most powerful traffic driver, and why you should invest in SEO to grow your business.


Charles Chessler: Portrait & Wildlife Photographer

Charles Chessler (@charleschesslerphotography) is a New York-based photographer, educator, and workshop leader. He joins us, live at Inspire, to chat about the touching life moment that led to photography, how he manages to capture meaningful head shots in minutes (including for his ongoing project "Agreeable Strangers"), and his love for nature, wildlife, and the Wild Tomorrow Fund.


Kesha Lambert: Wedding Photographer

Kesha Lambert (@keshalambert) is a wedding photographer, business owner, lawyer, wife, and mother, and has grown her photography passion into a successful brand. She joins us, live from Inspire, to talk about how certainty (or the lack of it) led her to pursue a freelance photography career, how she gives each wedding its unique attention, and when she realized her brand had made it to the next level.


Ryan Field: Landscape & Lifestyle Photographer

Ryan Field (@ryan_field_) calls the Pacific Northwest home, and has traveled the world capturing some of the most iconic landscapes around. He joins us to chat about how he found photography through an unexpected moment in life, how he established a partnership that has him traveling to and living in Switzerland, and why he joined the latest challenge of the Top Photographer Challenge with Nigel Barker (and what you can do to win).


Peter Hurley: Headshot & Portrait Photographer

Peter Hurley (@peter_hurley) is one of the most sought-after headshot and portrait photographers in New York City, is the creator of the Headshot Crew, a Canon Explorer of Light, and the creator of the “squinch.” He join us, live from Inspire, to chat about how he approaches his acting, corporate, and personal brand clients differently, how “psy-photology” impacts our on-camera persona, and why camera invisibility is something he strives for with every single client.


Joe McNally: World-Renowned Photographer

Joe McNally (@joemcnallyphoto) has been recognized as one of the best photographers in the world. He's contributed to National Geographic for more than 25 years, captured images on 70+ countries around the world, and has been awarded four World Press Photos for his work. We chat about what it takes to hold a successful photography career that spans decades, the “democracy of digital,” and one of his most notable works: capturing the Faces of Ground Zero, following the tragedy of September...


Music Photographer Greg Watermann

Greg Watermann joins us live at Adorama Inspire. His career spans the genres and the world, and while he’s captured some of the most iconic musicians of recent decades, he’s currently traveling internationally as the personal photographer to Pitbull, and has photographed System of a Down for a whopping 18 years.


Diana Levine: Advertising & Editorial Photographer

Diana Levine has captured some of the most noticed faces — celebrities, athletes, politicians — and created campaigns for major brands, plus she donates her skills and time to fight for a cure for Parkinson’s disease. She joins us to talk about Photo Shoot for a Cure, how she gets her subjects to open up, and how she approaches each portrait shoot to tell the story of each on-camera project.


Nigel Barker & The Top Photographer Challenge

World-renowned fashion photographer, author, host, and entrepreneur Nigel Barker first joined forces with Adorama for the launch of “Top Photographer with Nigel Barker” in 2016. Now, he’s back for the premiere of “Top Photographer Challenge” on IGTV, and he joins us to chat about the new show, what you can (and should) do to win, and how cultivating compassion and reaching outside your comfort zone lead to finding your true passion. For more information on the challenge, head to:...


Dondre Green: Founder of Bronx Narratives

Portrait photographer and multimedia creative Dondre Green (@dondregreen) has used the power of his history and community to found Bronx Narratives, where he and his team highlight the culture of the borough. He joins us to chat about his magazine, podcast, and photography work, how he’s changing the stigma surrounding the Bronx, and how "side fulfillment over side hustles" should be every creator’s motto.


Kristi Odom: Nature and Wedding Photographer

Kristi Odom has captured some of the most significant and emotional moments in her photography clients’ lives. She joins us to chat about how she manages to find and photograph the emotion during these milestones, what it means to be a brand ambassador, and now her newest venture into video is shaking it her work.


Michel Leroy: Entertainment & Advertising Photographer

Michel Leroy (@michelleroyphoto) has photographed Olympians, famed chefs, triathletes, and many more, and has taken on personal projects that have elevated his resume. He joins us to chat about how his former photojournalism work has impacted the projects he takes on how, how his two main personal undertakings — the Rally Bikers and Alchemy projects — have led to bigger endeavors, and how he’s managed to make each of his subjects feel comfortable and expressive in front of the camera.