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Join host Suzee Skwiot every week for a chat with creative professionals in the photography, video, and audio world. Episodes will feature updates on the latest gear and tech, tips from creative career professionals, and inspiration that’ll help you kick off your very own journey.

Join host Suzee Skwiot every week for a chat with creative professionals in the photography, video, and audio world. Episodes will feature updates on the latest gear and tech, tips from creative career professionals, and inspiration that’ll help you kick off your very own journey.


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Join host Suzee Skwiot every week for a chat with creative professionals in the photography, video, and audio world. Episodes will feature updates on the latest gear and tech, tips from creative career professionals, and inspiration that’ll help you kick off your very own journey.






Michael A. McCoy: Photojournalist

Michael A. McCoy (@michaelamccoyphotography) is a Washington, DC-based photojournalist who has captured historic moments in the capital. He joins us to talk about 2020, including many headline moments he’s photographed. He talks about his Invisible Wounds project and how two tours in Iraq influenced his photography work and documentary style.


Megan Breukelman: Wedding Photographer

Megan Breukelman (@meganbreukelman) is a Brooklyn-based wedding photographer, podcaster, former magazine editor, and marketer. She joins us to talk about wedding photography, and the changes she’s had to make for 2020, including how she’s adjusted her strategy for targeting. She talks to us about finding clients on instagram, and how she’s secured business by collaborating with other industry pros.


Jenny Jay: Documentarian & Storyteller

Jenny Jay (@justaskjenny) is a storyteller, photographer, videographer, writer, activist, educator, and above all else, a documentarian. She join us from Toronto and speaks about launching her photography and creative business, building a 6-figure business without generational wealth, and the major — and memorable — career milestones.


Caroline Tran: Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

Caroline Tran (@carolinetran) is a Los Angeles-based wedding and lifestyle photographer who has captured the major moments in her clients’ lives. She joins us to talk about how she’s adjusted her offerings to her clients — and how 2020 was the first time in 12 years that she shot zero weddings — plus the power of discomfort and how it can help lead to powerful change.


Dinesh Boaz: Aerial & Landscape Photographerv

Dinesh Boaz (@beatsbydinesh) is an aerial, landscape, and fine art photographer who has captured the world from new heights. He joins us to speak about what it takes to capture images from a top-down perspective, and how his music background has helped him find sound in his photos.


Kahran and Reg Bethencourt: Photographers, CreativeSoul Photography

Kahran and Reg Bethencourt are the star duo behind the successful CreativeSoul Photography (@creativesoulphoto) brand, and have grown their business of powerful visual storytelling over the last decade. They join us to chat about their new book, "GLORY: Magical Visions of Black Beauty", and how it grew from their AfroArt photo series, and their other remarkable viral series that have empowered their young subjects.


Lara Jade: Fashion & Beauty Photographer

Lara Jade (@larajadephotography) has built a career as a fashion and beauty photographer and has now been named one of Canon’s newest Explorers of Light. Lara joins us from New York and chats all about her journey into fashion photography, what it takes to transition and embrace new photography genres and equipment, and how her recent self portraiture project has helped her embrace her roots.


Josh Katz: Photographer, “New York in Quarantine”

Over the last several month, Brooklyn-based photographer Josh Katz (@joshkatz) has used his time during quarantine to document life. With his camera in-hand, he headed to his building's rooftop and captured the local community during the pandemic in New York City. Now his book, “New York in Quarantine: Rooftop Culture in Crisis” is available on Kickstarter, and details the hope, beauty, and eccentricity of the city.


Jean Fruth: Sports Photographer

Jean Fruth (@jeanfruthimages) is a sports photographer, Grassroots Baseball co-founder, and Sony Artisan who has documented the game of baseball from the backyard to the MLB. She chats all about her journey — from coaching her son’s game to photographing it — as well as the grassroots baseball initiative, making photos across America, and documenting the game in its purest form.


McKenzi Taylor: Adventure Wedding Photographer

McKenzi Taylor (@cactuscollectiveweddings) is an adventure wedding photographer and business owner, and has crafted a business around sustainable outdoor weddings in the landscape and nature of Nevada. She joins us to chat about micro weddings, and how she’s photographing them during the pandemic, the power of working for local media organizations, and how she’s championing the cause of leave no trace photography.


Caroline Jensen: Photographic Artist

Caroline Jensen (@carolinej) is a photographic artist, Sony Artisan, image creator, and online workshop educator. She is also the founder of the Creative Photography Network, and an instructor who’s helping younger creatives find their voice. She joins us to chat about finding a visual voice, seeing beauty in the everyday and ordinary, and how she’s brought together a group of talented photographers to share their skills.


Nancy Borowick: Documentary & Humanitarian Photographer

Photojournalist and documentary and humanitarian photographer Nancy Borowick (@nancyborowick) has built a career capturing local, personal, and news-worthy moments. She joins us to speak about finding opportunity close to home, documenting personal family moments, and being prepared to jump on assignments at a moment’s notice.


Special Episode: Renan Ozturk & Shooting for Everest

Renan Ozturk is an award-winning expedition climber, landscape artist, and filmmaker, and his love for the mountains has been well-documented, including in the 2015 documentary Meru. Last year, Renan and a team of adventurers, filmmakers, and local guides climbed Mount Everest in an attempt to solve one of mountaineering's biggest mysteries. Listen in on our conversation with Renan to learn more about what it took to prepare for the expedition, the shooting of his documentary "Lost on...


Audrey Woulard: Portrait Photographer

Audrey Woulard (@kidsandthecity) is a portrait photographer, specializing in photographing kids and young adults, and is one of the newest Nikon USA Ambassadors. She joins us today to talk all about building a business, curating your offerings, as well as empowering her clients and embracing and chasing chaos.


Jide Alakija: Wedding & Documentary Photographer

Jide Alakija (@alakijastudios) is a wedding, documentary, and editorial photographer who has traveled the world capturing stories and memories. He’s also one of the newest members of the Nikon Ambassador family. He joins us to chat about his 15+ year career in photography, how he’s still searching for his passion, and how a simplicity vs. simplistic approach has shaped his photography vision.


Lindsay Adler: Fashion Photographer

Lindsay Adler (@lindsayadler_photo) is a fashion and portrait photographer, a Canon Explorer of Light and a Profoto Legend of Light. She’s an educator and host, and found her passion for photography at the young age of 15. She joins us to chat all about what it means to “find your style,” how to define it, problem solving on shoots, and gives us a first-hand review of the Canon EOS R5.


Steven Pierce: Writer & Director, Framework Productions

Steven Pierce is a director, executive producer, writer, and owner of Framework Productions. He joins us to speak about his experience in production — including his years was an editor at Saturday Night Live and his recent project editing a video with the cast of Hamilton — and his newly-launched podcast, the Independent Filmmaker's Guide. From his insights on finding your craft to how companies and creators can approach returning to work, he sheds light on all things...


Vanessa Joy & Canon EOS R6, R5, RF Lenses

Canon Explorer of Light Vanessa Joy joins us to chat all about the latest gear release from Canon , including the powerful EOS R5, EOS R6, four RF lenses , and so many more accessories. From the 8K RAW powers of the R5 to the headline-grabbing auto focusing capabilities of both cameras, she breaks down exactly what the specs mean and how it’d level-up your creativity.


Prasenjeet Yadav: National Geographic Explorer

Prasenjeet Yadav (@prasen.yadav) is a natural history and science photographer (as well as a former molecular biologist) who has recently spent 2.5 years photographing snow leopards on as a National Geographic Explorer. He joins us to speak all about the expedition, how he’s used his passion for conservation to tell the stores of species, and how one of his most famous photos — the “Green Meteor” — came about through luck, and many, many years of work and talent.


Chris Gunn: NASA Photographer

Chris Gunn (@thelightandthelens) has been photographing for NASA for 20 years, and has spent the last 10 capturing the James Webb Space Telescope. He was recently awarded NASA Photographer of the Year for his work photographing Webb, and he joins us to talk about how he's captured some of the most striking images of the telescope, the selection process for releasing photos, and the advice he has for new photographers developing their craft.