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Acting insights from a New York Casting Director!

Acting insights from a New York Casting Director!


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Acting insights from a New York Casting Director!






Recharge Your Career Battery-In 10 Steps!

The title says it all. There is no time like the present to take a look at the choices you are making about your acting career. Jeffrey gives you 10 Do-able, practical ways you can re-ignite your passion and move ahead with your goals. Really! We would love it if you could like, subscribe and share this episode with a fellow actor and tell them all about, "Casting Actors Cast"! Cheers!


The "IT" Factor

Do you have it? You know, the "it" factor. That special quality that people are drawn to. Call it, star power, magnetic personality, presence or charisma. Many actors possess this unique gift which is what contributes to their success. Jeffrey takes this subject on and tries to explain how this is something you might already have or something that is a waste of time thinking about. A different kind of episode. One that is sure to get you thinking! Please consider a visit to the website...


The Actor and the Agent

Understanding the relationship between the actor and their agent is really valuable whether you are seeking representation or currently working with an agent (or Manager). Many assumptions about how it works can lead to confusion and frustration. Jeffrey gives you some tips, hints and guidance that will help you navigate with confidence. We would love it if you could like, share, review, subscribe anything to help us get the word out about Casting Actors Cast!


Hey! It's About Listening!

It's said that more than half of good acting is good listening. What does that really mean? Jeffrey offers insight into breaking down the ways you can react truthfully in a scene or audition. You'll find out how you can make your work stand out and grow your confidence in the audition or on the set! Hey! It's about Listening....


Time Management for Actors

This episode shares ways to manage your time as a creative person. Not setting goals but putting your professional life into modules that make sense for you. Jeffrey makes the case for structure without feeling trapped by circumstance. This may be advice worth listening to because he's been there! Your "like", review, or being a subscriber will go a long way toward growing this amazing community! Jump in...the water's fine!


How to Edit Your Video Auditions

Find out the most common mistakes actors make when editing their video auditions. Jeffrey will point out what can make your video submissions stand out! Specific information about good slates, basic editing and practical ways to look your best will be covered. Please like, share and review this episode to do your part and grow this podio! (podcast video). www.castingactorscast for more!


Acting Lessons; Myths and Mistakes

Jeffrey takes on three myths and three common mistakes actors make when it comes to classes. You might be considering college acting classes, professional training or lessons for the fun of it. Regardless of what you are seeking, addressing these issues will only help you become better! Please support Casting Actors Cast any way you can! Telling others about this podio (podcast video) will go a long way to continuing the conversation--Thanks!


Submissions that get Auditions!

When submitting yourself for a project, what kind of response do you get? Jeffrey shares his experience and gives you the inside scoop on how you can improve your chances of getting an audition appointment. Stay tuned to the end to get an extra bonus tip. Practical, important information you need to move ahead! Please share this with your friends and tell them about, Casting Actors Cast!


The Successful Actor

What makes an actor successful? Are there traits, behaviors and choices that you can incorporate into your own journey as an actor? Jeffrey shares several concepts and pulls apart the myths about what success really means. Please share this episode. We would love to grow this channel and can only do it with your help. Also, our YouTube channel could use some of your actor love as we continue to provide relevant content for your journey as a successful actor. Thank you so much!


Telling Your Story

"So...Tell us a little about yourself", is a question everyone seems unprepared for in an audition. Let's find out why! How do you share something about yourself that will elevate perceptions and help you land the job? Jeffrey helps you navigate this question and offers some insight on the reasons why these questions are important. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel and leave a review. It really helps us spread the word!


Back to Business

Can you hear it? It's starting to happen! It's the sound of theatre and film production beginning to start up. Jeffrey shares some recent experiences with a stage production he just attended and with casting two feature films underway. It's a positive message with you in mind. Don't forget to checkout the YouTube channel and


Acting Secrets Revealed

Time to pull back the curtain and really find out how to do your best work! Acting secrets revealed is a no nonsense discussion about auditions and script analysis that will set you apart! Jeffrey opens up about over thinking, over working and, not trusting your choices. C'mon and celebrate over 30 thousand downloads of this "Podio"...podcast video with Jeffrey!


Frame Your Shot; A Practical Metaphor

When you "frame your shot" you know to make sure you are in good camera position. Headroom, Eye line and distance from the lens are all important decisions. As a metaphor, frame your shot has to do with looking at your career with a different point of view and re-think your aspirations. Both literal and metaphorical points of view are brought to life with Jeffrey in this episode. Practical, insightful and important information for everyone trying to make sense of it all! Please check out the...


More Questions, More Answers

This week, Jeffrey answers listener/viewer questions about acting and the business of show. Make sure you subscribe and check out the YouTube channel. This podcast is all about trying to offer solid advice with an easy conversational approach...and some fun! Help spread the word. Over 30 thousand downloads and counting, thanks to you!


Lighten Up!

How do you deal with the constant barrage of awful news and challenging politics? How do you justify your dream of having an acting career with Covid 19 around you? Don't you just hate it when someone tells you to just, "Lighten up!"? Jeffrey takes on these questions and more in this episode. Please check us out on the website and on You Tube!


Authenticity in your Acting

Your authentic self is a foundation for any character you are playing. Jeffrey explores the many facets of "your story" and your character's "story" in this insightful episode. Grow into the actor you want to become by learning how you work! You're going to love this....Thanks for checking us out on YouTube and visiting for more (and a free book!)


#116 A Second Look, The Callback

We take a "second look" in the form of a comment from a viewer/listener about last week's podcast on Resilience. Next a second look refers to some tips and suggestion about a callback for theatre, film and television from Jeffrey. A really thoughtful exploration on what it means to have a "second Look"! Please like, share and subscribe and show your support.


#114 Resilience

So how do you handle difficult situations. What do you with adversity? The word for today is resilience. the ability to bounce back from difficult challenges and negativity. Stick around as we analyze what it is to be resilient on this episode of Casting Actors Cast.


Your #1 Superpower

You possess an amazing power. It really is your greatest power both as an actor and as a person. In fact this great power is seldom thought of but always there waiting for you. What is this amazing tool for success? You'll find out on this episode called Casting Actors Cast. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel of Casting Actors Cast and visit www.castingactorscast for more!


Turning 2...Growing Pains

Jeffrey is celebrating 2 years of Casting Acting Actors Cast by asking the question, "Whats Next?" Listener's question about musical auditions on Zoom, finding ways to stay creative and answers to perhaps your most challenging question as an actor. All in this episode! Please get your free book at by filling in the talent form and be sure to check us out on YouTube...Casting Actors Cast channel!