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Episode 34- Joe Kelly

One of the creators of Ben 10 and the writer of the magnificent I Kill Giants, Joe Kelly is the guest on this episode of the show. Joe will be at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival this year and we got him on to talk about his career, where it began and how he found spending 3 years on Deadpool and 5 years on Superman. We discuss the crration of Ben 10 and how he found it was to write a script from the comic I Kill Giants for the movie adaptation. We review A New Jerusalem by...


Episode 33- Robbie Morrison

On episode 33 we have the creator of Nikolai Dante Robbie Morrison on the show. He discusses his work at 2000AD starting with the Megazine and the creation of Dante and then onto his own projects including White Death and Drowntown. He also looks at the work he's doing on the Traces of a Great War anthology with Charlie Adlard which is out in October. We review Tumult by John Harris Dunning and Michael Kennedy. This book published by SelfMadeHero is a psychological thriller and will grip...


Episode 32- Ian Rankin

We are proud to of had crime novelist Ian Rankin on this episode. The creator of the Rebus novels, he came on to chat about his career, his love of comics and in particular his work with Sean Phillips on the Trace of the Great War anthology coming out this October. He will be at the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival this year as well along with a whole host of Scottish creators. We review the crime comics She Died at Terrabone by Kevin Chruch and T J Kirsch and Batman A Long...


Episode 31- Macc Pow 2018

This episode is sponsored by Goof! comics. Get two months free for a limited time only using this link. Go to That's twelve comics for the price of ten for a limited time only. This episode we visited Macc Pow in Macclesfield. Nikki stood behind the table selling comics for the first time and I had a great chat with many wonderful creators. These included Nick Brokenshire, David Leach, Lew Stringer, Rick Eades, Dr Sarah McNicol, Jacob Phillips, Elanaor Crewes,...


Grave of the Fireflies

My Neighbour returns with the hardest Ghibli movie yet. We've put off doing this episode as the film is so so hard to watch. We watch Grave of the Fireflies. Let us know how you felt when watching it for shout outs next episode. Thank you for listening. Twitter: @comicartfestpod Facebook: ComicArtPodcast Instagram: ComicArtPodcast Also on YouTube Find all about the festival at Start music: Smile on from Close...


Episode 30- Matt Garvey

Matt Garvey is our guest on todays episode. He has written a whole host of comics including The Either, Chunks, White Noir and The Devil in Disguise. We talk about how he got into writing comics and how he goes about promoting them. Ensure you check him out on twitter as he is well worth the follow. We talk about the new kick starter from Little Comic Heroes and their new anthology comic. They're a great cause and give comic kids to kids stuck in hospitals. We also review The Mind of James...


Episode 29- Zoom Rockman

Zoom Rockman is a young creator who started producing comics from a young age, He appeared in the Beano at age 12 and in Private Eye at 16. We have a chat with Zoom about how he started, why at a young age he's creating satirical comics and what the future holds. He also talks about his role as a patron of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival and what he has lined up for this year. We also go review crazy as we all review a load of comics. The comics reviewed are listed on the...


Episode 28- Oldham Comic Con and Mantic Games Hellboy

We took a trip out to Oldham to the Oldham Comic Con 2018 held on Saturday 12th May. We had a great time and it really was a well ran event. We grabbed a load of interviews which you can hear on the show. These include chats with Lee Overton & Pete Davis, John Slater & Mike West, Tazio Battin, Yasmin Sheikh, Sam Chapman, Dan Whitehead and Nigel from Mayamada. We also look at the new free comic Jack and Lucy by Rachael Smith and Jacob Phillips which looks at two troubled teens trying to...


Episode 27- Cinebooks with Jerome Saincanton

In this episode we chat to Jerome Saincantan about his role as a translator for Cinebooks. Cinebooks are publishers of best selling European books in the English language. There titles include Valerian, Lucky Luke and XIII to name but a few. Jerome talks about the success of comics in Europe and which comics in particular we should be enjoying. We also chat to Joel Meadows about Portsmouth Comic Con which is being held on 5th and 6th of May 2018. We review the Cinebook comic Orbital and...


Laputa: Castle in the Sky

Laputa: Castle in the Sky was Ghibli's first official film. We discuss the movie and give our opinions which differ in many ways. Thank you for listening. Twitter: @comicartfestpod Facebook: ComicArtPodcast Instagram: ComicArtPodcast Also on YouTube Find all about the festival at Start Music: Smile on from


Episode 26- My Favourite Manga

We are all taking a week off as we head off on a holiday retreat to chill and read comics. In place is a panel from the Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2017. My Favourite Manga is hosted by Chris Butcher from the Toronto Comic Art Festival and features on the panel the creator of Usagi Yojimbo Stan Sakai, Canadian creator Kim Wong, Breaks creator Emma Vieceli and Spanish creator Miguel Dominguez. Thank you for listening. Twitter: @comicartfestpod...


Episode 25- Carlisle Comic Con 2018

We took a trip up north to Carlisle Comic Con recently. We feature interviews with some of the comic creators featured there. These include Emma Vieceli featuring on the show for her 2nd interview, Dave Cook of Card Shark Comics, James McCulloch from Comichaus, Lydon White, and Simon Furman. We review the comics Out in the Open by Javi Rey which is taken from the novel by Jesus Carrasco following a young boy who runs from an abused life into the void of the deserts and meets up with a goat...


Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Ian and Nikki discuss the movie Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. They look at the history, talk through the film itself and give the all important 'cryometer' reading. Thank you for listening. Twitter: @comicartfestpod Facebook: ComicArtPodcast Instagram: ComicArtPodcast Also on YouTube Find all about the festival at Open Music: Smile On from Close Music: Don’t Fool Yourself by Pop Noir


A Brief History of Ghibli

Ian and Nikki introduce themselves and the podcast and then give a brief history of Studio Ghibli. Thank you for listening. Twitter: @comicartfestpod Facebook: ComicArtPodcast Instagram: ComicArtPodcast Also on YouTube Find all about the festival at Open Music: Smile On from Close Music: Don’t Fool Yourself by Pop Noir


Episode 24- An Englishman In San Diego & the Toronto Comic Con

We do treat you all so well as this episode we have two interviews. First we have a chat with Leonard Sultana from the website An Englishman in San Diego. We discuss his love of comics, the future of DC movies, the San Diego Comic Con and the UK con scene. We also have a chat with Chris Butcher and Andrew Butcher about the Toronto Comic Con and scene over there. We recorded this in October 2017 just before the LICAF at a joyful pub so ignore the background noise. We talk about two new kick...


Episode 23- Rachael Smith

Rachael Smith is interviewed on this episode. The creator of the Rabbit and the biographical comic Wired Up Wrong, Rachael has shown how creating an honest factual book can generate HUGE support as well as helping people along the way. The power of comics is a wonderful thing. Rachael discusses these things as well as her early years. We review the latest Marvel movie Black Panther which we have differing opinions on. We also review the book Pyongyang A Journey In North Korea which sees...


Episode 22- The Awesome Comics Podcast

We have Vince Hunt and Tony Ezmond from the Awesome Comics Podcast on for a chat this episode. Vince is the Creator of The Red Mask from Mars and Tony has reviewed comics for Down The Tubes and Never Iron Anything. Along with the third host of the podcast Dan Butcher and artist Nick Prolix they have created the Awesome Comic, an anthology of stories. Issue one is out now. The boys discuss how the podcast came to be as well as the creation of the comic and the ideas behind it. We also...


Episode 21- How To Make a Comic with Pete Taylor

A different episode this time as rather than interviewing a creator we pick Pete Taylors brains on how to create a comic. We start from the beginning with thinking up ideas to writing and then drawing the comic. Finally we finish with what many creators believe is the hardest part and promotion. This was discussed to help us in our journey of creating our own comic but we hope it helps others as well. We review Square #16 Summer Dairies by Ian M which as it says is a day to day comic of...


Episode 20- Scarlett & Sophie Rickard (Gluepot Books)

In this episode we speak to sisters Scarlett and Sophie Rickard who have created their own publishing company called Gluepot Books. So far they have released the fun Mann's Best Friend which was in our top 10 books of 2017 but have plans for the future with another book due this year. In the interview they discuss how they work together, the process of creating a book to printing it and how it was to actually have people read and review their book. We review Our Town by Tim Bird, Wired Up...


Episode 19- Tillie Walden

Tillie Walden is our guest on the show today. Tillie has created so many amazing books in such a short time. We delve into her short but amazing career, how it came to be and what drives her talent. We also discuss her book Spinning and the use of colours plus why she felt now was the right time to write about her childhood. We also look back at 2017 and talk about our top 10 graphic novels out this year. We then decide on our individual favourite which may surprise you all. The books we...