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Converge: The Business of Creativity Podcast, hosted by Dane Sanders, explores the concentric circles of creating great things and finding innovative ways to profit from what you've made.

Converge: The Business of Creativity Podcast, hosted by Dane Sanders, explores the concentric circles of creating great things and finding innovative ways to profit from what you've made.
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Converge: The Business of Creativity Podcast, hosted by Dane Sanders, explores the concentric circles of creating great things and finding innovative ways to profit from what you've made.








S.4 Ep. 006 – How To Build A Creative Team That Never Wants To Leave, with Taylor Holiday

There s nothing better than working with a creative team of people who are the best at what they do. It brings out the best in you and enables you to reach new heights you previously only dreamed of. Imagine for a moment, what might happen if you could build a company full of those kinds of people? It s likely, the growth and innovation your team experiences would be non-stop. That s what Taylor Holiday and the team at Common Thread Collective are experiencing – and as a result, they ve...


S.4 Ep. 005 – How To Go From Freelance Photographer To Entrepreneur, with David Jay

Many of the people who listen to Converge are creatives – freelance photographers, artists, interior designers, and others. They know that moving from the time-for-money trade that freelancing requires to the establishment of a business as an entrepreneur is not easy. If you’re reading this, you are likely one of those people. David Jay is a guy whose journey from freelancer to business owner was very natural in terms of how he was gifted, but that doesn t mean it was easy. He s experienced...


S.4 Ep. 004 – How to Pursue an Adventurous Life in the Midst of Normal with Theresa Christine

It only takes one Google search to find hundreds, maybe even thousands of people telling you to pursue an adventurous life. Many of them define that as a lifestyle that abandons the normal things of life like a career and a stable home environment in exchange for a nomadic approach to life. But what if you don t want to abandon those things, but still want adventure to be a regular part of your life? Theresa Christine can help you. It s what she does. This episode of Converge highlights...


S.4 Ep. 003 – Leveraging the Internet for Good with Taylor Jones and Eric Brown

The internet is a pervasive thing, gobbling up time as well as bandwidth. Dane s guests on this episode of Converge are co-leaders of a web design team whose primary purpose is to leverage the internet for good. Taylor Jones and Eric Brown have been fast friends of Dane s ever since he first heard about their company, Whiteboard and had his initial conversation with them. Why was their such a chemistry? Because they share a common heartbeat, a common desire to see the world become a better...


S.4 Ep. 002 – Do Great Work To Create Your Opportunity, a conversation with Josh Muccio

Your opportunity to make it big with your creative endeavors is no longer something others are in control of. You can influence your own success tremendously – primarily through doing great work and networking at the same time. Josh Muccio is a great example of a person who did make it big by being picked up by a big company in his industry, but it s not because they gave him permission – it s because they noticed the great work he was already doing. Dane invited Josh on the show a second...


S.4 Ep. 001 – We Were Made For These Times with Justin Zoradi

Justin Zoradi believes with the strongest conviction that without exception, we were made for these times. That means you – and it means me. But many of us wonder how that can be true when we are saddled with self-doubt and the haunting voices of failures, abuses, and regrets from the past. Justin has a contagious and unique way of describing his belief – and you’ll enjoy hearing him explain it as he and Dane discuss the purpose every human being is intended to make in the world, on this...


S.3 Ep. 013 – How a Clear Storybrand Multiplies Impact and Profits with Donald Miller

There are few things we humans enjoy as much as a good story. Doesn’t it make sense that brands should make use of that fact? This episode of Converge features Donald Miller, the brilliant mind behind the idea of creating a Storybrand. The insights he has gleaned from years as a writer and publisher about the power of story and the impact stories have on the human psyche are something he has powerfully brought to the marketplace through what he teaches about being a Storybrand. In this...


S.3 Ep. 012 – The Power of Mindset in the Pursuit of Freedom – with Vincent Pugliese

Are you sacrificing your dream to make money? Does your job leave you little time to do what you love? Does time freedom seem forever out of reach? Vincent Pugliese the guest on this episode of Converge would have answered YES to all three of these questions. He was working a full time job that barely paid the bills. He desperately wanted to pursue his passion for photography but was held back by financial stress. In this episode of Converge Dane dives deep into the mindset and choices that...


S.3 Ep. 011 - The Power of a Virtual Assistant With Bryan and Shannon Miles

Do you feel swamped with your business? Are you wearing too many hats and can t seem to focus on what is important, the things only you can do? This episode of Converge might offer a solution. Your host Dane Sanders interviews Bryan and Shannon Miles of Belay Solutions. Bryan and Shannon specialize in connecting you with the perfect Virtual Assistant to meet your needs. And the best part is, they are US based. No more language barrier or communication deficit. Only the best virtual...


S.3 Ep. 010 – Conviction is the key to success, with Jaz Ampaw-Farr

Success is a term that is used heavily in our culture. Success is the thing that everyone works to attain, some people are born into success while others stumble upon it. You may be tempted to blame your situation or your upbringing for your lack of success. In many cases, those things appear to play a role but do they determine your potential? In this episode of Converge, Dane Sanders interviews Jaz Ampaw-Farr and she answers that question with a deafening NO. Success is not determined by...


S.3 Ep. 009 – How to Build Community as a Business Growth Strategy with Jeff and Erin Youngren

Growing a business is hard work, especially if you are a new business owner. Getting used to the idea of being your own boss and having employees of your own is challenging. But when you add in the struggle of business growth while still trying to keep up with the day to day, it can seem impossible. Husband and wife business partners Jeff and Erin Youngren went from being employed in full-time jobs to managing their own business and employees in a short amount of time. They felt the same...


S.3 Ep. 008 - What It Means to Thrive In Life and How To Do It, with Dr. Ben Houltberg

All of us want to thrive in life. Without exception. But what it takes to truly do that is the question we seem to have the most difficult time answering. Dane s guest on this episode is the leader of an organization called, The Thrive Center for Human Development. Can you imagine what it must be like to spend your life studying what it takes for human beings to thrive? Dr. Ben Houltberg has made it his life s mission and in this conversation, you ll be the beneficiary of his years of...


S.3 Ep. 007 – Conquering Fear and the Limiting Beliefs Behind It with Heather Vickery

Strangely ingrained in the fabric of who we are as human beings is this thing called fear. But if you look a bit more deeply you ll see that fear always flows out of a belief we re having about ourselves or something outside us. Heather Vickery is a success coach who is incredibly insightful at helping people identify and conquer the fear that holds them back – and she does it by identifying limiting beliefs and disproving them in her client’s full view. It’s an amazing approach that makes...


S.3 Ep. 006 – Running a Profitable Business, Stress-Free with Mike Michalowicz

It s not easy to run a profitable business. Stats prove it to be true. A very high percentage of businesses do not show a profit and Mike Michalowicz believes it s because business owners don t plan on profit first. Mike is on a mission to eliminate entrepreneurial poverty. He believes creatives and business owners work too hard bringing value into the world to struggle with profitability. And the stress it adds to everyday life is unacceptable. In this conversation, you ll hear Mike share...


S.3 Ep. 005 – She Laughs Without Fear of the Future: Through Grief to Creativity with Kate Merrick

It s ingrained in our culture to fix things, to try to make everyone happy and see smiles on the faces of everyone around us. But life just isn t that way all the time. In fact, life can often become very dark. Kate Merrick knows that fact all too well. At 8 ½ years old her daughter Daisy passed from this life after a prolonged fight with cancer. Cancer. In a child. Can you imagine? But Kate says she s come to the place where she laughs without fear of the future even though for a very...


S.3 Ep.4 – Life as a World-Renowned Painter at 13 Years Old, with Evan Sharma

It s not every day that you get to talk at length with a world-renowned artist. Even rarer is the opportunity to speak with one who has been labeled a child prodigy. Evan Sharma didn t begin painting until he was 9 or 10 years old. He remembers seeing the Mona Lisa when his family visited the Louvre and being inspired by the fact that such a small painting has had an impact on so many people. That inspired him to try painting. Fast forward only a handful of years and his work is being...


S.3 Ep. 003 – Leaving Academia to Serve Others and Find Entrepreneurial Success, with John Fox

NOTE: DANE’S AUDIO HAD SOME GLITCHES BUT THE CONTENT WAS TOO GOOD NOT TO SHARE. Don t you love success stories? Especially the kind where the successful person bucks the conventions of the day and does something unexpected and it works? John Fox has that kind of story. He left a tenure track position in academia to develop a business designed to serve others through providing the information and resources they were looking for. It s an encouraging and dare we say it, inspiring story for...


S.3 Ep. 002 – Why Learning Through Experience Leads to Greater Knowledge with Haley Robison

We all know that there are certain things you can only learn through experience. And if you don t buy that, how about this one? At the very least, there are certain aspects, certain levels of depth that only come from being immersed in a topic. Haley Robison has learned that truth THROUGH experience and she s done so intentionally. She recognized at various junctures in her educational and career path that she needed to get outside what she calls her air conditioned box and experience things...


S.3 Ep. 001 - Make The Difference You Were Meant To Make, with Seth Godin

Are you ready to make THE difference you were put on the planet to make? Many people answer yes but quickly discover that the best of intentions are hard to carry out in light of the discouraging conversations they have with themselves. Seth Godin has written extensively about what he calls the lizard brain or monkey mind. It s that part of us that tells us we can t, even though we really want to. This conversation with Seth is characteristically packed with insight and mindset shifts about...


S.2 Ep. 014 – Using Effective Email Communication To Build Relationships and Sales with Darrell Vesterfelt

Effective email communication is something of an enigma. All fo us h ave full SPAM filters and still receive plenty of emails we don’t really care to see. But there are those few email sequences we receive, the ones that truly bring value, the ones that are helpful and thoughtful and kind, that we can t wait to see pop up in our inboxes. If you re going to make money from the creative endeavors you re pursuing online you ve got to learn how to craft THAT kind of email so you can establish...