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8: What Can You Do in Your Community?

The theme of this year's Dying Matters Week was 'What Can You Do in Your Community?' It's a question we ask to challenge people to think about ways they can help the people in their lives to talk more openly about death and dying, and make plans for the end of life. Most Dying Matters events are structured with this goal in mind, but they will vary hugely depending on the community they take place in. Our guests this week are the organisers of one of the larger events in Dying Matters Week...


7: Talking to young people about death and dying

Most of us are more likely to only start talking about death and dying as we get older - as the prospect gets nearer, more familiar, maybe even more relatable. However, as we all know, death doesn't just come for us at the end of a long life. It happens to the young too. Our guests this week passionately believe that it's really important to include the voices of young people in conversations about death and dying. Lucy Watts was told that her health and mobility problems were...


6: Being There: The Hospice Story

If you've been to a hospice before, then you'll know that they are amazing places. Hospices don't just provide nursing care for the dying, or the terminally ill. Since the founding of the first modern hospice in 1967, their work has grown to encompass rehabilitative therapies, emotional counselling, and even bereavement support for families, alongside excellent clinical care. The mission of a hospice is to improve quality of life and wellbeing, so that every patient can enjoy whatever time...


5: Bereavement

Dealing with the death of someone you love is one of the hardest things each of us will ever have to do. Grief can affect us in strange and frightening ways, some so strange and frightening that it's incredibly difficult to talk about them, and if you can't talk about them, then it can feel impossible to find the help you need. Linda Magistris, our guest on this episode, wants to make it as easy for you to find help as possible. After the sudden death of her partner, Graham, Linda found it...